Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Finds and Treasures

Since my holiday decorating is not finished I thought I would share a few fairly new finds that you haven't seen before. Well, this first one has already made its debut! It was featured last Sunday here. These sweet little carolers were lying on a table among a bunch of Christmas things that were unnoticed by most of the shoppers at a nearby yard sale. Nothing at that sale was marked so it was necessary to ask about everything. When I asked about these three cuties I was told 'ten cents each!' Sold!
At another yard sale not far from my home a sweet lady - about my age - was helping her dear little father sell things from the home where he and his wife of many years had lived. His wife was gone and he was moving in with the daughter. Prices were so reasonable it was hard not to buy everything in sight to help the dear little man. He was so sweet and friendly but I wondered how hard this really was for him. I loved these vintage candle holders, especially after I saw the price. Twenty-five cents for the pair. You will see them again when I share my Christmas decorations.
Another sale on a different day resulted in the addition of this little Avon piece to my Valentine decorations. What sweet little children. They are reading a Valentine card together.
Even the back is cute! See the little envelope?
A few weeks ago as I browsed through the ads in the Sunday paper I checked on sales at Fred Meyer (now owned by Kroger). Kitchen towels were on a good sale. I really needed to replace some of mine but that wasn't what caught my attention - the photo in the paper led me to head right over there and see if they had what was pictured. Sure enough! They did and it didn't take me long to add new towels to my basket. Towels that were just perfect for my kitchen. The colors are right - yellow and blue and white. And even better - tea is served!
Of course I had to have the teacups, too. Couldn't leave them there.
Even though it's the season to share holiday decor I just couldn't resist sharing these new finds and treasures. Every time I see them I smile a little bit and cherish the memory and delight in my heart when I found them. It's like a gift every time I remember.


  1. Morning, Dear Adrienne! Oh what lovely little treasures you've found! Love those little carolers! Thanks for stopping in to see my 'borrowed' tablescape today. I'm so ashamed I didn't find out what pattern those dishes were, but just for you I've done a little research on the net and I do believe these dishes are "Holly Filigree" pattern by Lenox. I think you could go to Lenox.com and check it out. I hope this helps. I didn't get any prices though. I know Lenox is a little pricey, but their quality and beauty is breathtaking. Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. I love those little carolers you found. So sweet and the price was perfect!
    Merry Christmas season, my friend!

  3. I love the little valentine figurine you found. It's so easy to find cute decor for CHRISTmas, but so much harder to find things for Valentine's Day or St. Patty's Day. Very, very cute.



  4. Hi,
    I love your carolors. It is hard to believe that they were only 10 cents each.

    I would love for you to link your post to Trash to Treasure on my blog.

  5. Aren't new kitchen towels one of lifes little treats? I love replacing some overused towels with fresh pretty ones. The children sitting reading a card together are precious! You find the cutest things at the sales:>)

  6. Your cute carolers have real personality!:)

  7. What things things, and can't beat those prices!! I'm glad you have some of the sweet old man's (and his wife) little treasures.


  8. I just found your site, when I typed in a quote*, trying to find the author. I love the music and the peaceful feeling I find when I took a rest in your blogspace.


    *"The Lord has two homes: Heaven and a Grateful Heart." (never discovered the author)

  9. Such cute carolers. I hope you have a lovely weekend and stay safe.

  10. Hi Adrienne,

    Yes, it's me! I'm trying to catch up on everybody's blogs tonight. I finally got a post done today and now just visiting. Please come see me when you get a chance!

    Love and Hugs,

  11. I love finding things for my home. I found my carolers on my mantle at the thrift shop last year. Kathy

  12. Wonderful treasures Adrienne! The little carolers are so sweet!


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