Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sing Noel

Sing we all Noel, hear the music all around.
Sing we all Noel, let the joy resound.
Sing we all Noel, with a joyous rondelay.
Sing we all Noel, hear the news today.
Sing we all Noel, a joyous song of praise
To our God incarnate, exalt Him all our days.
Sing we all Noel, the gladsome tidings bring
Lift our God on high as His praises now we sing.
Sing we all Noel, our hearts with love aflame
Praising Christ our Savour, we bless His holy name.
Sing we all Noel, to Jesus Christ on high
For our sins He suffered, left Heaven's throne to die.
Sing we all Noel, with all our heart's great joy
In our Savour's praises our song we now employ.
Noel, noel, noel, let our voices rise
As we sing a song of praise and lift our music to the skies.
Noel, noel, noel, sing it loud and clear
So that all the earth may know our joy
This season of the year.


  1. Beautiful Sunday message Adrienne.

    I also enjoyed your Christmas decorating post.

  2. Adrienne, I love this, and I had not thought of it in a long time. Thank you for the sweet memory.

  3. Love that picture and pretty song ~

  4. Adrienne....thanks for praying for my SIL.....that means so much!


  5. Hi Adrienne, Thanks for coming by. I'm glad you mentioned about the craft store...I added it to my blog...I don't think Micheals has those metal things...I got it at Craft warehouse.They have "TIN" for $7.00 or "Metal" for $3...They both worked so why pay $7.and I was going to cover it Laurie

  6. I am sure you will understand this.
    I feel that when I purposely give thanks to our Heavenly Father the more secure I feel. Sometimes I begin by giving Him thanks alphabetically.
    So I was on the computer and just typing uplifting words and I read your words.
    God bless


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