Monday, February 16, 2009

A Step Back In Time

A few days ago I shared a bit about my dear little mother's birthday and the day I had planned for her. We had a most wonderful day, doing some things we've often talked about doing together. And, oh, did we ever love every minute of it! When I shared about her birthday I didn't tell what was planned. Although she doesn't have any way to read my blog at her home I feared that someone who knows us would call to wish her a happy birthday and give away my secrets. Some have said they hoped I would share our excursion. I planned to do that and my camera was with me throughout the day. My dear mother loves history and is very knowledgeable about historical facts, architechture and antiques of all kinds. She dearly loves seeing historical places so that is exactly what we did.

We began our day with a bit of time to stop at a Goodwill not far from our son's home a ways south of us. I found two books and she found a beautiful, delicate, old plate that will find it's way to a wall in her home soon.

Our first stop was a short distance south of the Goodwill. I took her for a personal, private tour of historic Deepwood Estate, an eighteen-ninety-four Queen Anne Victorian home that sits on about four acres of beautifully manicured gardens and nature trails in the heart of Salem, Oregon. Salem is our state capitol and there is so much history to be seen there. This gorgeous home is on the National Register of Historic Homes. You can read more here at their website. We found our way into the parking lot and as we began to walk around to the front door we saw signs that Spring is on its way.

And overhead - the wonderful site of this beautiful home.We were greeted at the front door by my dear friend, Mrs. B. She coordinates and arranges the displays at Deepwood Estate. She gave us a private tour that included things the general public usually doesn't see. We saw storage closets, had a peek or two inside drawers filled with fantastic old things, saw the Bride's Room where brides who are married here can dress or wait for their wedding to begin. We went into the basement where the Administrative Offices are located, met the staff there, saw more beautiful things stored in display cases, and we shared personal stories of our families as we reminisced and were reminded of family treasures. I'm sure I must have gasped when I stepped through the front door. In the corner of the entry hall was the cutest courting bench. I can just imagine my sweetheart and I sitting here. And my father nearby where he can observe and listen!Just above this sweet little bench, on the underside of the upper staircase, was this beautiful solid wood paneling.And on my right, a step or two led to a little landing with a built-in bench below two stained glass windows.Turning a bit to my left I was mesmerized by the beauty of the staircase. . .And the detail of the lighted newel post.As we walked into the parlour I didn't know which direction to look first. My eyes were immediately drawn to the wonderful, old pump organ. The musician in me wanted so badly to sit down and begin to play. I've always dreamed of having one of my own!But the fireplace - oh the fireplace!

Such exquite detail.Above the mantel - a memorial window. In memory of the young son of the original owners. He was lost at sea while traveling to and from Europe for his education. The three roses in bloom represent the father, the mother and the daughter. The rosebud on the right stands for the son - a life cut short before its bloom.Enormous pocket doors opened into an informal dining room where built-in cabinets hold elegant displays. On display on the other side was the most delicate chocolate server and tiny cups.Just inside another room are more displays - the story and memorabilia of the original owner, Dr. Luke Port and his family. Part of the room serves as a little gift shop. I loved the display holding the gift shop sign.And just off this room is a little bathroom. I don't if it has a name but I call it 'M'Lady's Bath'!Look at the stained glass windows above the tub. There is a matching pair on the little wall at the left end of the tub! Corner stained glass windows. How perfect!Can you imagine relaxing and bathing in this sweet little room? And in this cute little tub?Walking back through the informal dining room we entered the large, formal dining room. Think of the entertaining you could do here. And family reunions. Displays of gorgeous serving pieces immediately captured my heart.On one wall big built-ins provide storage and display space for anything your heart desires to have near.Oh, look who is here. My dear little mother!Beside her - a beautiful serving piece. Just around the corner is the most wonderful butler's pantry. I need one in my home! I could gather and display and store so many things if I only had more room.The corner of the cabinet beside the door holds teapots! They are used for the teas that are served in this lovely setting.Just outside the dining room is a 'fun' side porch that wraps around to the front porch.At the corner where the side porch and the front porch meet, not far from the front door of the house, you can enjoy the Solarium. Especially on nice days. Mrs. B. included this on our tour. She and my dear mother stopped outside the Solarium doors long enough for a photo.Inside you will find wicker chairs and tables to enjoy tea during special events here. A big Christmas Cactus and other plants enjoy the shelter and warmth here.We have only seen the first floor of this enormous home so far. Tomorrow I will take you up these stairs to see what waits for us there.I'm sure you will be surprised and delighted with what we find upstairs. And I will share the rest of the day we celebrated my dear little mother's birth - and life. There's more. Oh, so much more!


  1. Hi Adrienne
    WHat a beautiful home and such a lovely way to spend a brithday day with your mother. I sure miss my mother.
    We are praying for our country too by the way!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  2. Oh Adrienne, I just love this tour! The stained glass is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your special day. I can't wait for part two:>)

  3. Hi Dear Adrienne! Oh, your Mother is precious! I'm just drooling over this lovely place and those stained glass windows!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. What a lovely day this must have been. I know your little mother loved every minute of it, just as you did. My mom and I used to do things like, my daughter does it with me!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful day with such lovely photos...
    xo bj

  5. Wow! What a wonderful surprise for your sweet little Mama. You did good! I'm sure she was in heaven. What an incredible home. I'm adding that to my list of places we need to visit. Thank you so much for the tour. Looking forward to part 2! And happy happy late birthday to your Mom.

  6. What a lovely tour --- a beautiful house --- and a precious mother. Thank you for sharing your time with us. And I love those snowdrops!


  7. What a gorgeous home, Adrienne! Those stained glass windows are so lovely. Your mother had quite a celebration on her birthday. And your picture of her is so cute, she looks very young.

  8. Beautiful, just beautiful! blessings, marlene

  9. What a fabulous place! How special to get to see things others don't get to see!!

    Those stained glass windows are so beautiful! I loved seeing everything!

    Thanks for sharing it with us!


  10. What fun you and your mother must have had! God bless you. Thank you for sharing such a sweet and beautiful time with your mother with us.
    God bless you,


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