Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Up The Stairs And Back In Time

Yesterday I promised to take you up the stairs to see what waits for us on the second floor of Deepwood Estate. Are you ready? Here we go. You won't be sorry! On the landing at the top of the stairs is a sweet Valentine's Day display. Love those old red shoes!

The current display theme upstairs is 'Weddings'. On display are wedding gowns and memorabilia from the early eighteen hundreds to the nineteen sixties. Incredible pieces of the lives of brides from years past. The first room has the most recent gowns.

Are you ready for tea?

I love this gown. It is exactly what I dreamed of through my young years while waiting to find my sweetheart. And it is similar to the gown I made for our wedding day.The gorgeous lace accented with beads and pearls is the same lace I added to my gown. Mine was handsewn with care and carefully hand-beaded. Most of the beading was lovingly done by my dear mother while I was at work during the weeks before my wedding. This gown brought back many memories of the thousands of beads she stitched to make my dream gown dream-y.And then there is the closet. Wouldn't you love to have a closet like this? With a stained glass window?Just across from the closet is the only original sink still in the house. It's surrounded by wonderful, old marble.In the next room is wedding 'finery' that graced the wedding day of brides through the years. High-top shoes and delicate veils. . .And more shoes. . .And veils.In the bedroom at the back of the house - the oldest of the gowns displayed. So different from wedding gowns today, yet beautiful.Cake plates and toppers, fine china and linens. Memories from years past.A very special topper from Mrs. B's grandparents' wedding cake. Back in the hallway - in a little corner - an old Victrola.And then - more gowns.
Not far from the stairs, a beautiful small glass-front cabinet is filled with wedding cake toppers of all kinds. The light was so bright from the windows that it was hard to take good photos but here are just a few of the sweet little pieces on display.While standing at the top of the stairs another stained glass window is in full view. The first photo of this post gave a glimpse of the window above the landing near the top of the staircase. I paused for a moment to take in its beauty.And then down the stairs again.A few minutes later we left this beautiful place to have lunch nearby. Between the house and the parking area we passed the old carriage house.A look back to savor the beauty of the house. . .Through the corner of the garden. . .
And along the pathway toward the car.Our time here was far too brief. There was so much more to see and learn. We vowed to return again - with family and friends and when the gardens are in bloom. Until then we will cherish the time we spent together at this stately old home that has been loved by many through the years.A few minutes later Mrs. B., my dear mother and I stopped for lunch at Jack Rabbit Cafe. I had my camera but was so busy enjoying every minute there I forgot to take pictures. Not long after we arrived our son, Mr. J., joined us. When we finished lunch we hugged Mrs. B. goodbye and followed Mr. J. to his office nearby for a tour of his new office and a chance to meet and chat with some of his coworkers. Soon we found our way to the freeway and turned northward toward home. What a wonderful day it had been - so far! But it wasn't over yet. While resting for a bit at home my dear mother was surprised by the delivery of gorgeous flowers from our daughter and her three young ones.
But that wasn't the end of my dear mother's special day. Later that afternoon my sweetheart and I picked her up and drove her to my cousin's home in a nearby community where we had dinner together followed by some special gifts and a lot of fun and laughter. It will be a day that lingers in our memories long after the flowers fade and the gifts are put away. A day we will always hold dear to our hearts.


  1. Oh, what a fun post! Thank you for taking the time to upload all those pictures to share with us. :) I especially enjoyed seeing all those delightful gowns. :)

  2. What a lovely place....and a wonderful day spent with your dear mum.
    Thanks for sharing it all with us, Adrienne.

  3. Such beautiful things in that old house, Adrienne ~ I loved all those pretty gowns. I'm glad you all had a lovely time. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Adrienne, thank you so much for the tour of this beautiful home. I enjoyed every bit of it!

  5. What a beautiful blog...I'm loving the whole thing. You're so lucky to be able to enjoy your lovely Mom. The pictures are gorgeous.

  6. Really enjoyed your showing the pictures of the beautiful home! The wedding gowns and the fireplace mantel were my favorites!!!
    The last time I did the tour of the historic homes was with my young neice and had a really nice time! The houses were in Peoria,Illinois.
    Thanks again for sharing -- It was fun to see!!!

  7. Oh, this was just delightful! I enjoyed seeing all of the lovelies! I bet your wedding dress was beautiful!

    What a good idea to add the pictures of the stairs too!

    What a wonderful birthday for your little mother!


  8. That was wonderful!!
    Thanks for sharing your photos with us.


    Barbara Jean

    PS We having a giveaway in a few days.
    Come on by.

  9. I visited yesterday and skimmed words because the pictures were so incredible. hehe What a beautiful place, Adrienne, and what a beautiful outing for your mother. Amazing place. The staircase is gorgeous but it's the shoes and dresses that made me spellbound. Oh wow. :o)


    Thank you for your encouraging words on my latest post, Adrienne. What you said really touched my heart and got to one of the reasons I'm doing these posts. I responded to your post but in case you don't catch it, I basically shared the following:

    * we must have the same family member. ;o)

    * i'd love to quote you in an upcoming post, if that's all right with you.


  11. Hello Adrienne, what a beautiful walk through a beautiful home! Your mother must have enjoyed it a lot! Such pretty finery too! My folk used to live in Salem, and we go there once in a while; we will have to make time to see this place. Have a great week,

  12. What beautiful pictures, Adrienne...thank you for sharing them with all of us!


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