Monday, October 18, 2010

Autumn Blues

It’s a bit chilly outside but the sun is shining and there are birds singing in the neighbor’s trees beside my back fence. It’s a lovely Fall day, but I feel ‘homesick’ – blue – yearning to leave it all behind and head for someplace where the autumn colors most certainly are glistening in the sun. I want to go back to the lake we loved when our children were young – where we camped with them each summer – and where my sweetheart and I spent a few days of vacation last month. How did I get the ‘blues’ ? When did I begin to feel ‘homesick’ for the lake? I think it started when I chose this photo for my blog yesterday. It stole my heart and made me long to sit beside the shores of the lake and slowly take in the beauty there.


A blog friend asked if this is my house. Oh, I wish I could say yes! I wish I could just open the door and watch the Master Artist paint His colors nearby. But I must be honest – it’s just a ‘borrowed’ picture. Not even a place I’ve been before. After my friend asked if this is my home I began to think of the lake – the lake where I've always longed to return in October. Since we first discovered the lake many years ago my heart has dreamed of sitting on the shore to bask in the beauty and delight in the peaceful quietness all around me. The last morning we were there a month ago I caught a glimpse of the beginning. Autumn was just beginning to display her colors! And it was enough to remind me what I already knew. I MUST return again. In October. When autumn leaves start to fall!


(Tomorrow I will show you the lake – and the beauty we enjoyed in September. We had not been there for many years – not since the children were young. It had not changed much. I think you will understand why I love this place just off the beaten path – a place that is filled with memories and is dear to my heart.)


  1. Sometimes I get melancholy longing for the if life would be better with a beach house. I'm pretty sure life would still be life, with all of its ups and downs.
    To cheer you up, lets get our next get together at least on the calendar!
    Love to you!

  2. I hope you can find the time to return and see the fall colors Adrienne. We always camped at a little campground right on Lake Huron with our kids. To tell you the truth, I can't bear to go back without them, I just don't think it would be the same. I hope that some day, when they are done with college and maybe have little ones of their own, we can return all together as a family.

  3. Beautiful! I often miss sitting beside beautiful water. The fall colors are gorgeous. Can't wait to see the lake.

  4. Adrienne, I do believe I know how you feel. My heart is always longing and seeking time to soak in the beauty and glory of God's love. Sometimes I just close my eyes and imagine I am there.

  5. I can see why you are homesick for the lake.


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