Monday, October 4, 2010

Meant For Me

I have a chaplain meeting in a nearby city today – a meeting I’m looking forward to because we haven’t all been together since last spring. It will be good to share our summer doings together. Just being together is special –spending time with other chaplains inspires and challenges me. Right after my meeting I will meet a dear blog friend. We will spend time together at a special place, chatting and talking and catching up. There is something very special about this blog friend – we discovered that we knew each other a long time ago. In another place and time. We haven’t seen each other since we found each other on our blogs. That’s all I will share today – I’ll tell you our story tomorrow. And you can be sure that I will have much to share.

Autumn Coaster

I thought you would like to see the coaster I found in a sweet, little shop not far from my home. This one ‘called’ my name. I have it right beside my chair where I blog these days. And where I sit to talk with my sweetheart – and snuggle with my grandkids. As a reminder. So I don’t forget to always – in all things – give thanks. With a grateful heart!



  1. The coaster is perfect:>) I look forward to hearing about the long lost friend you re-found through blogging!

  2. Hi, and thank you for visiting my blog recently! I'm glad to hear that you are a fan of Live Writer for blogging posts. You can delete those other programs that Microsoft sneakily bundles together in the default download. Just go to your Control Panel, then go to install/uninstall programs, and select each one that you want to delete.

  3. Your blog changes are pretty and I like the coaster, just right for you.

  4. You couldn't have found a more appropriate coaster! I hope you enjoy your time of fellowship. ;)

  5. Iknow what fun it is to meet and spend time with blog friends. Great table mat for you.


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