Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Friends Of The Heart


Recipe For Friendship

1 Pint of Trust
1 Dash of Caring
2 Cups of Understanding
2 Spoonfuls of Shared Secrets
1 Cup of Mutual Affection
1 Sprinkle of Respect
2 Pounds of Common Interest
3 Spoonfuls of Listening
and 1 Bag of Fun!!

In my last post I promised to share more with you about my day with a blog friend I had known in the distant past. My plan was to share pictures and details of our time together – I planned to do that yesterday but yesterday quickly filled with things that couldn’t wait! Sunday evening I carefully laid out all the things I needed to take with me when I left the house early on Monday morning - my camera bag, my purse (I changed purses 3 times!), my day timer, bottled water and protein bars and some things I needed to take to my early morning chaplain meeting. It was all together – on the piano bench. I was ready! Yes, I was! Very early Monday morning I headed out the door to join commuter traffic and make my way to my meeting. The meeting was wonderful – it was our first time together since late last spring. There was much to share.

When I left the meeting place I didn’t drive far before hugs were exchanged and chatter began with my blog friend, Elizabeth, of
Just Following Jesus In My Real Life. . . Several months ago I had ‘stumbled’ across her blog and I’ve been a faithful reader and commenter ever since. What Elizabeth shares from her heart always touches my life. I am always inspired to deepen my faith, hug my kids and grandkids a little more and try new things in my home. As I read more and more of Elizabeth’s blog I began to sense that I knew her from somewhere in the past. The photo of her and her dear hubby seemed to ‘ring a bell’ in my memory and so many experiences had a familiar ‘feel’. Finally I couldn’t wait to know more and with the exchange of a few emails we realized what I had suspected. We knew each other many years ago. For a short time. A few brief encounters and then our lives went separate ways.

Monday morning when we stepped out of our cars at our appointed meeting place we were suddenly arm-in-arm, heart-to-heart. As if we had known each other forever. Kindred spirits. We headed to a favorite place we both love - Camas Antiques in Camas, Washington was our destination for the day. You can read their blog
here. Unfortunately in my rush to get out of the house early that morning – with my arms piled high with things to take with me – I left my camera behind! Oh no – what to do? No problem – Elizabeth had her camera along and she promised to share photos of our day together. We had a fantastic time together. We gathered treasures (actually I gathered more than she did!), talked many miles a minute, laughed and shared, admired things and loved being together. To be honest, I’m afraid she and I could be dangerous together – dangerous to our pocketbooks. But what fun we had! You can read a bit about our adventures and see some of Elizabeth’s photos on her blog here. (I’d love to make a disclaimer about the photos of me without my glasses but I won’t. No, I didn’t forget them!) We found a cute, little place to share lunch we enjoyed more time to talk and share our lives. And plan future excursions together.

I love the way God works in our lives and the way He cares about things of our hearts - and our friendships. This wonderful world of blog has opened up opportunities I never believed possible. My dear ‘new’ friend and I have much in common. Sisters in faith – adventures in common. And we know God brought us back together again – for a purpose. We are blessed – and having fun together!

Gems may be precious, but friends are priceless.

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  1. Your pictures looked great! My but you are looking good. Love, love Camas Antiques. What a fun day of renewed friendship.


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