Wednesday, December 12, 2012

As Seen In Town

I’ve shown you much of the sweet, little town of Leavenworth, Washington and I’m sure you can imagine the magic and fun you can find there.  There were little things here and there that caught my eye and I want to share some of them with you before we leave this winter wonderland. A sign near the door of one of the shops made us laugh. No, I didn’t put a leash on my sweetheart!2012-12-03_19-36-44_935Glimpses in shop windows made us stop often.2012-12-03_19-37-46_7202012-12-03_19-38-01_892A stop at The Gingerbread Factory was a delight for the senses – the aromas were incredible and the delights to the eyes and the taste even better!2012-12-04_14-06-04_346Beside the door – a pretty wreath. . .2012-12-04_14-06-32_405And the sign on the door made us smile. One of the gals who waited on us told us a man once actually opened the door and rolled in!  They hadn’t seen anything quite like it before – and no one has done that since then.2012-12-04_14-06-18_507Would you believe I left this yellow truck behind?  I keep thinking about it – and I wonder if it’s still there!PC035259Nutcrackers are everywhere around town.  There’s even a Nutcracker Museum but it was closed during the days we were there.  The windows of the museum had the most amazing, ancient nutcrackers on display.  This fellow who stood inside a little mall was almost as tall as me!PC035260
The Festhalle – the Community Center – is where many events are held.
A welcome, in German, awaits guests.PC035262The architecture is seen all around the area – even in some of the churches.PC035264Snowflakes ‘fall’ inside one of the little malls.PC045306After dark, the lighted windows come alive.  At the nutcracker shop, nutcrackers of all kinds, in all sizes and styles, stand watch through the night.PC045377I fell in love with this little baker man with his gingerbread house and gingerbread man and nutcracker cookies when I first saw him in the window.  I went back again to hold him and look and dream of bringing him home to my kitchen.  But it was not to be – he was a ‘designer’ nutcracker with a price to match.
PC045378Meanwhile, down the street at my favorite shop. . .PC035304Santa’s elf is sound asleep after a busy day. . .PC045366While Old St. Nick stands watch beside Swedish Candoliers of all kinds.PC035305Lighted snowflakes decorate all of the lamp posts throughout town, along the main highway through town and across the bridge that leads into town.PC045389 - CopyIn the middle of all the lights and festivities, our country’s flag shining in the night touched my heart.  It brought me back to reality – the freedom we have is one of the most precious gifts anyone could give us!  At Christmas time and every day.PC045376


  1. What a beautiful journey! Thank you for sharing this visual treat!

  2. Oh I have enjoyed looking at your pictures! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. What a wonderful place to perfectly decorated for Christmas!

    Your Christmas banner is very pretty too.

  4. What lovely views of Leavenworth! I would love that yellow truck too.

  5. I've so enjoyed your photos! My husband would love to go to a Nutcracker museum. He loves nutcrackers. Every year he talks about making two for our front door area.

  6. It looks like a Christmas wonderland! Beautiful photos, what a fun place to go:>)

  7. What a neat town! I love going to shops like all those! Seeing the pictures below, the town reminds me of Helen, GA where we visited once a long time ago.

    Love the yellow truck! Don't you hate it when you pass up something like that, then start having regrets when it's too late to get it! :-(

    Thanks for your sweet comments!

    Merry Christmas!



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