Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lost In An Antique Mall

Well, I wasn’t really lost, but I could have easily gotten lost in this huge antique mall!

On our way home from Leavenworth last week we made a little detour from the main highway so we could check out a little community we heard about before our trip north.  We headed east a ways to the little community of Cashmere, Washington – the home of Aplets and Cotlets, the famous Apple-Walnut & Apricot-Walnut Candies.  We stopped at the Liberty Orchards Gift Shop and found some bargains on the candies and nuts before we went on to the big antique mall my cousin and I had read about.  Apple Annie Antique Gallery is advertised as the Northwest’s largest antique mall!  They say they are ‘“70,000 square feet of antique paradise’ under one roof.  And they are right!Apple Annies Antique MallWe browsed and browsed and could hardly believe how many vendors had wares that begged to come home with us.  (I love that set of mixing bowls!)PC055401Of course the vendors were ready for the holiday season.  The ‘chalkboard’ below was made out of a huge cookie sheet – what a neat idea!PC055402Look what I found!  Just my color!PC055404Wouldn’t it be fun to change your kitchen during the holiday season?  Can you imagine all of this vintage red and white fun in your house?PC055411When I saw this hall tree, I thought of the vintage home we had when our children were very young.  I had an incredible entry way with a gorgeous staircase with a carved banister to the second story.  I always wanted to find a hall tree like this one.  Now I find it and I don’t have an entry way!  It was a nice thought, though, to think how wonderful it would be if I still had that house – and this nice piece.PC055414
A Maytag washing machine for your wash-day pleasure!  My mother had a wringer washer when I was young and I heard tales of doing laundry back then.
PC055415The building was so large it didn’t take long before you needed to rest.  Signs like this were seen in several places around the building but we never found any place to rest (except the rest room!)  We think there used to be places to sit and rest under these signs but every one we found had a vendor stall underneath.PC055416We did stop and rest for lunch before we ‘went’ again.  Tomorrow I’ll show you the fun, little diner that is part of Apple Annie.  After lunch we went back to shop again.  I thought this was a cute way to display things for sale.  (I switched to my cell phone because I was almost out of space on the memory card of my camera so these photos aren’t quite the same quality.)2012-12-05_12-55-18_214Cute, little tote.2012-12-05_13-01-05_683The front entry area has cute displays – everything for sale.  I decided to go back and look again.2012-12-05_13-31-32_61Then one more trip back to look at another vendor’s area.  A gorgeous cabinet filled with Christmas!2012-12-05_13-33-44_832Then a trip to the ladies’ room before we headed south toward home.  When I opened the door – I could hardly believe what I found in there.  And it was all for sale!2012-12-05_13-35-46_423And in the other corner – more!2012-12-05_13-35-59_898And then, to the car – and home!  I did buy one thing that needs some work.  It’s a Christmas piece that my sweetheart worked on and now we need to find a needed part.  Some day I’ll share it with you.  When it’s ready!


  1. oh my goodness.note to self: go to cashmere, Washington with an empty suburban and trailer. swOOn...

  2. That looks like a wonderful antique mall! I would love to spend some time shopping there.

  3. Oh, what fun! BTW, you do such a good job taking indoor photos! :)

  4. Oh, what a wonderful place! I would have loved it. I think I would have found an olden wheelchair and wheeled my tiny (not) self around. Looks like so many wonderful treasures.
    I do hope you'll post when you Christmas up your dining room.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  5. Oh, what a wonderful store. Thanks for sharing those pretty pictures. I enjoyed browsing. :) That yellow crinolin ( how in the world do you spell that?!) was something.

  6. What a wonderful place! I would have had to go rent a truck or something so I could take home some of those wonderful things. I would love that washer in my garden and the halltree is gorgeous. That's a hard to resist place!

  7. How fun to find this mall. It looks like a good one. Then Aplets and Cotlets too, oh my favorite sweet next to a little chocolate.

  8. Fun place - oh and how I like your bendy Snowman - how on earth did you do that?


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