Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Village Lights

I shared a bit about our recent trip to Leavenworth, Washington – but there is more to see.  The little Bavarian-style village is such a whimsical, magical place during the daytime with shops and decorations and friendly people everywhere.
PC055399When you see the buildings and many of the homes you have the feeling that you have been transported high into the Swiss Alps!2012-12-04_14-03-41_6352012-12-04_14-47-08_2202012-12-04_14-47-24_8812012-12-04_15-10-34_3262012-12-04_15-27-07_549
There are lights on every building – over four hundred thousand lights were installed by the city and there’s no telling how many the merchants and homeowners put up before we arrived.  It’s certainly obvious that they knew we were coming!  2012-12-04_15-28-31_141The lights are fairly obvious during the daylight hours but with every minute closer to sundown it’s as if someone is scurrying around and turning them on – and turning them all up!PC035274At dusk the lights began to show up and I thought it was wonderful.  Little did I know what was about to happen!PC035285It got better as time moved along.  The lights on the big tree at the corner of the park had hardly shone up during the day – now it was as if they suddenly had begun to shine.  All of the trees around the park were wrapped with thousands of lights.PC035294And from the gazebo in the middle of the park speakers played Christmas music that could be heard all around the downtown streets.
PC035295I couldn’t imagine that it would get any better. . .PC035296PC035297PC035299But it did!  We went back after dinner – after the shops had closed and darkness wrapped around the town. It hid the mountains and wrapped us in a world of enchantment.PC045312PC045314PC0453152012-12-03_19-35-55_323Images that warmed my heart and held me captive in their beauty seemed to call out to me.  A local inn was wrapped in tiny lights of blue and whitePC045339Some trees were encased in bits of color. . .PC045348Others had limbs all wrapped in white.
It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Everywhere we went. . .
And when the bells rang
The carols that we sang
Were right within our hearts.
(with apologies to Meredith Wilson )


  1. Marvelous! Christmas lights are one of my favorite things to see. So shining and beautiful and I am in awe of what it must take to wrap a whole tree like that! Thank you for sharing these Adrienne!

  2. What a de"lightful" little town"! Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  3. Beautiful! I just love the lights at Christmas. These would have been pure JOY.

  4. What an incredible display! Oh, I'm so glad that you went and had such a grand time!

  5. The shots you got of the sky right at blue hour are FABULOUS!
    Santa, aka the Hubs, bought me a new Nikon d7000...happy, happy! I sold my d5000 to a friend and helped Santa with the cost. :)


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