Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Gift From The Heart

I couldn't let today pass without wishing my sweetheart, Dave, a happy birthday here. He would prefer that his day goes by in a quiet, unadvertised way. By his choice there was no special celebration for him today. Tomorrow after church my dear little mother will join us here at our home for a dinner prepared just for him. This dear man who I love with my whole heart gave a gift to someone else today. The gift of himself and his strength. He is a gentle, tender man who cherishes opportunities to bless others in helping ways. So, today, one of the hottest days of our year so far - by his choice - he headed up a crew of men from our church to meet at my dear mother's home, joining together to put their hands to a task that required much energy and hrad work. He chose this day to completely sand her good-sized deck and prepare it for new stain. A job that needed to be accomplished last summer. Every time he scheduled a crew to help him we had rain. Lots of rain last summer. Today he gave the gift of himself. On his birthday, much to my dear mother's protests. Soon she will be able to use her deck to relax, visit and entertain friends and enjoy her beautiful back yard. More than a job well done. A gift on his birthday to her. A gift from his heart.

I love you, my sweetheart, and I admire and respect the Godly qualities that make you the person you are. I am so glad - and blessed - that God chose me to share life with you. On this day we celebrate more than your birth - we celebrate YOU!


  1. Happy Birthday to your kind, sweet husband, Adrienne. That was a nice post about him.

  2. Happy Birthday to the second most wonderful man in the world. Sorry, but I will stand firm in my belief that my husband deserves first billing!

    I heard a story a while ago about a man who was disillusioned by the commercialism of the holidays. He decided that year as a gift to himself he would begin giving of himself to others. His family followed suit by presenting him with envelopes filled with pictures of different charities, etc. to whom they had made donations in his name in lieu of presenting him with a traditional gift. The man tragically died of cancer a short time after this began. However, his legacy lives on. Each year on his special days, his family continues to make a donation in his name, or in some way give of themselves in his honor.

    A gift we can unwrap and hold in our hands is eventually forgotten, misplaced, broken. The gift of time and of ones self will forever hold a place of honor in the memory and the heart of not only the recipient of the gift but in the heart of the giver and in the case of your darling husband, in the hearts of the men who worked and fellowshiped at his side.


  3. Your husband is such a treasure in your life. My husband is the same to me. I can't imagine my live without him

  4. Happy Birthday Stanley!!
    you were very sweet to spend your birthday giving to your dear mother in law...
    enjoy the day on Sunday (is is well deserved)

  5. Happy birthday to Dave! It sounds like you were blessed with a very dear husband, Adrienne!

  6. What a sweet, sweet spirit! May God continue to bless you both with the joy of each other's love.

  7. He is truly a treasure, for many reasons. Belated birthday blessings to him. :o)

  8. Happy Birthday to your wonderful Husband!! Thank you for sharing him with us. Laurie

  9. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, DAVE....I hope it was a very good one. You were sweet to give your MIL such a nice gift of re-doing her deck.
    Oh, and by the way, you have one of the nicest names for a man..DAVE or DAVID...I named MY son DAVID...and I love that name.

  10. What a nice man you have there! He and I almost share a birthday. Thank you for the nice birthday wishes!



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