Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just Joey. . .

Just Joey

the rose I'd love to add to my garden



the little dog who has stolen our hearts!

I shared here a bit about the sweet gift my daughter gave me for my birthday - the birthday that is still a few months away! And I shared my dilemma about his name. Our oldest granddaughter named him 'Jerry' while he stayed with them for a few days before coming to live here. It didn't take long for me to decide what to name him! When my sweetheart came home from work the day the puppy arrived he was greeted at the door by this sweet little fellow. My sweetheart said, 'Hello, Jerry.' I was across the room and I thought he said 'Hello, Joey!'

'That's it,' I said with an excited voice. 'That's his name. It's the perfect name.'

'What?' my sweetheart asked.

'Joey, that's the puppy's name! It just fits him - it's right. That's what I want to name him!'

And that's how he got his name. Everyone here agrees with me - it's the right name.

Joey came home from our daughter's house in a little hooded sweater - a gift from her to him. It didn't take long for him to get the hood off his head. . .

Investigate everything. . .And get tired enough to need to stop and break.Rest - sleep. That's what he does best. Curled up in his little bed. . .Hanging out the front. . .Or wherever he gets tired.He loves to go outside. There are lots of new things to see - and smell - and hear. He's small enough that the step down from the house to the patio must seem like a giant leap! He won't try it - no siree. No way! He's afraid to try. He waits to be carried out. If I wait a bit too long, he whimpers. A pathetic, tears-at-your-heart whimper. Works every time!

Once he's outside there's no stopping him. He loves the adventure.

He's a bit reluctant when it's time to come back in. Not reluctant to step up into the house - reluctant to stop playing and come back in.But it's not long and he's back inside - ready for another nap! Oh, the life of a puppy!


  1. Oh, he is just darling Adrienne! What a sweet little face and puppies are so much fun to watch and cuddle:>)

  2. Joey.

    Little Joe from Bonanza. ;o)

    Plenty of aww's coming from me. So sweet, Adrienne. Love your new little guy.

  3. Oh, what a precious baby and with a perfect name. You're right; it really does fit him.

    Hope the potty training goes smoothly. ;)

  4. Oh, he is absolutely adorable! Give little Joey a hug from me! I love all those pictures, especially in his little sweater!


  5. Aw, I love that name, Adrienne! And little Joey has such a beautiful bed! He is so cute. Maybe he needs a little ramp?

  6. A - Joey is a real heartthrob! I know when you go camping this summer he will want to go and will just fit in to make your adventures even more fun!

    A new blog is in the process of becoming "real" ... so feel free to stop by and share a few tips.

    Have a super week and let's touch base soon!

    B :)

  7. Joey is ADORABLE! Lucky you and Lucky him to have found each other :)



  8. oh my goodness he is so adorable..I love joey..Keep posting pics as he grows..What a great suprise..

  9. That is the cutest face I've ever seen! You are going to have so much fun. :) blessings, marlene

  10. What a sweet♥. I was just doing a little browsing, found you and found Joey. I can tell that he truly is one, lucky pooch. May he have a very long and healthy life.

  11. He is beyond adorable!!!OMG he is a cutie.Love him~Sharon


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