Saturday, February 6, 2010

Prayer Request


I recently shared an update here about our daughter and the baby girl she is expecting. Our new granddaughter, Miss H., is due to arrive around the first of May. As I write this our daughter, Mrs. M., is being transported from one hospital to another where she will be admitted because she is having very regular contractions and some signs that our sweet baby may arrive too soon. Mrs. M. and Mr. K. were told that she is not in labor but a test was done to determine the possibility that she will go into ‘real’ labor within the next two weeks – it came back positive. We would appreciate prayer for Mrs. M. and Miss H, We want a healthy baby and a healthy mommy and we are asking God to keep this precious little one safe in her mommy’s tummy until HE knows she’s ready to arrive. Safe and sound. Please pray for Mrs. M’s three children. You may remember that their daddy died a short time ago and their experience with a parent going to the hospital is not positive. Their daddy didn’t come home! My sweetheart and I are standing by to help wherever we are needed. I will share updates as we learn more. Thank you for your support and prayer for each of us.

(A few hours later) Edited to update: Medication to stop the contractions was given, an ultrasound was done and a few other tests and exams. The outcome was excellent - everything looks good with Miss H. She is growing as she should and everything with her and her mommy looks to be exactly as it should! The doctors feel Mrs. M. has overdone in the last week (they moved last Monday!). Mrs. M. was sent home to rest and go a slower pace. We are thanking God for His touch on her and our dear little expected granddaughter. The children are relieved that their mommy doesn't have to stay at the hospital. Mr. K. was so tender and gentle as we talked on the phone - we appreciate him so much. He was concerned about ME! Concerned that I would worry or lose sleep tonight. I told Him I learned long ago to place my children in God's hands and let Him take care of them. He asked me to thank each of you who have prayed for them. Our hearts are a bit lighter tonight as we realize how much God cares for our dear little Miss H. and her mommy. Updates will continue as we approach the day of her arrival.


  1. Agreeing with you in prayer, my sweet friend ~ Love and Hugs ~

  2. Please know that I am praying for you and your family. I'm especially praying against fear with the children.

    God Bless all of you!


  3. Wherever two or more are gathered ...

    I'm praying along with you and Cathy, dear friend. <><

    jAne * tickleberry farm

  4. I am so sorry there are complications, but with prayer and rest hopefully everyone will be fine. I'm adding Mrs. M and the rest of the fa,ily to my prayer list. They are safe in God's hands:>)

  5. I am slow at visiting you. I am so happy to hear things are going better. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. I am so happy to hear M and baby are doing good. My continual prayers are going up for everyone. Love you!!

  7. OH, I read this post last and my heart went in my throat. I will be one of little Hannah Grace's and your daughter's prayer warriors.

  8. So scary...I'm lifting you all up in prayer my friend. blessings, marlene


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