Monday, September 13, 2010

Home At Last – For Awhile!


We arrived home Friday evening from over a week of vacation on the beautiful Oregon Coast. And do I ever have stories to tell and things to share – soon. For right now I am up to my ears in things that must be done to prepare for an exciting ministry trip at the end of next week. I’ll tell you all about it and our vacation soon. I promise.


When we got home we had to shift gears quickly because I had a ministry commitment the following morning. My sweetheart accompanied me and helped set up my music equipment and then afterwards we went another direction in preparation for my trip next week and other ministry needs in the future. Much is happening and changing in my life. I can’t wait to tell you all about it. In a few days I will reveal a big change in my life – it’s good!


I’m busy catching up with your blogs and will be by to visit you soon and often. I have some incredible photos from our trip that I’m sure you will enjoy. Please come by again soon. I love your visits here!

(The flowers in the photos above are the tiny white flowers that appear at this time each year on my ‘Peanut Butter’(Clerodendrum trichotomum - Harlequin Glorybower) tree. If you’re not familiar with this tree you might be amazed to find that the leaves smell like peanut butter when rubbed or bruised. The tiny flowers have a very sweet, highly fragrant aroma. I bought this tree at a garage sale a few years ago!)


  1. Now you've got me dying of curiosity! Do tell soon!

  2. Glad you are home safe and sound. Looking forward to hearing your good news!

  3. hi adrienne.
    just - hi. :o)

    in Him,

  4. Adrienne your pictures are beautiful. I'm anxious to hear about your coming change. I have decided that since I've been away from my hospital chaplaincy for four months now it is time for me to make that permanent. I'm at that point in my life where it's time to slow down a bit (as I sign up for a two month stay here at Sager Brown again next summer!). I believe God has put me here and as He has so often done in my life He is transitioning me from one serving position to another. Not having that weekly obligation will enable me to have a little more time at home. I will miss it but as you know it can be hard sometimes when people are so sad. blessings, marlene

  5. So glad you had such a good time and are home now.
    Can't wait to hear all about everything.

    I thought about putting words on the canisters..not sure what would be the cutest. Just been suggested that I get some of the chalkboard sticker thingys to go on them. Then, I suppose I could change them up. Not sure about washing them, tho. Maybe painting would be best..I'll sure let you know.

  6. oops...did you know you have word verification? So many have it and have no idea that they can turn it off. We have the new Blogger Spam Folder now that takes care of all that.:))

  7. Hi Adrienne
    I don't know if you've been by Back Porch Musings since it disappeared. I've been trying to get around to everyone since early this morning. I've moved to typepad. Hope to see you there!

  8. I went to high school in Oregon. It's such a gorgeous state!


  9. You are really a busy lady!! I have been super busy this week too, something going on every day (I also had an MRI and blood test to see if I have arthritis.)

    I haven't heard of a peanut butter tree before!



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