Monday, September 19, 2011

Something Strange Is Going On

It was an average day.  A normal day.  A stay-at-home day and I was moving right along getting some housework done.  Laundry was calling me and I had one load out of the dryer and the second one was started when something very strange happened.  I sat on the sofa to fold the clean towels but soon I was called away to the phone.  When I returned I noticed something that hadn’t been there before.  What was this?  What was going on?    P8310681Taking a closer look, I knew.  Mr. Joey had taken advantage of the situation.  A load of fresh, soft, warm towels just out of the dryer was the perfect place to snuggle down for a nap!  He had burrowed his way in and just his head was out.     P8310679 When he realized he had been found he stood up and looked the other way!     P8310680 Silly dog!  What was life like before he arrived at our house?  I know what it was like – it was more predictable.  Not so many funny, furry surprises!

Now, if I could only teach him to fold the towels!


  1. this is so sweet, ad.
    please tell me you let him snuggle
    a bit longer... :o)

  2. Pets... one of God's best ideas for our hearts and lives!

    Until a few months ago I've had kitty cats in my life for years and years... and they were so much fun... they added such a sparkle to our every day living!

    I've been really missing my Miss Kitty this past weekend (who went back to her Creator in the Spring). But seeing your Mr. Joey 'enjoying his moment' this morning has added something special to the mix.

    And finding your 'footprint' in my comment was a lovely, lovely thing.

    I look forward to getting to know you more too!

    Wishing you more of those joyful glimpses of heaven in unexpected places........... even if they're under a pile of clean towels!

  3. My dog loves clothes fresh out of the dryer...he goes crazy when I change the sheets on our bed...I don't get it...but I think it is cute!

  4. Mr Joey just knows when to take advantage of a good situation!! He's one smart dog!

    How is the shoulder feeling these days?

    Bee blessed

  5. I'd say he's a very smart dog. Finding a soft, warm Adorable too.

  6. Too cute! My Joey does that very same thing, but he doesn't even wait for me to leave the room. When I change the bed, he is right there to jump in the covers and play awhile.

  7. What a cutie! Makes you wish you were as little as he is so you could join him doesn't it?

  8. That is such a cute picture. That must some kind of instinct because my two doxies will quieten down and go to sleep if I heat their blankie and cover them at night. They are spoiled rotten! Your Mr. Joey is a handsome dog. Love his color.-------- Shannon

  9. Bless him, I cant say I blame him though, the thought of snuggling under all those warm towels really appeals to me right now! What would we do without our precious pets. Lovely post. xxx AnneMarie xxx

  10. LOL, I think I would have been tempted to do the same thing!

  11. PS... I have to tell you... I've been sharing your little story with other pet lovers. They just giggle at the idea of Mr. Joey snuggling in your laundry.

  12. Awww he's such a cutie! Aren't dogs just the best. So lovable and entertaining!

  13. Good morning, sweet friend,
    So glad to find you doing good...and having such a cutie dog. I know you must enjoy the heck out of him/her ?...dogs sure can bring a lot to a home. :)
    xoxo bj


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