Friday, February 10, 2012

Something Strange Is Going On!

Hi, this is Joey.  My mommy isn’t looking so I decided to let you know what’s going on at our house.  I know my mommy was going to show you what she bought Daffodil (that’s her little vintage trailer, you know).  I think she’s sad that she hasn’t shown you the cute, yellow thing she bought at the flea market.  I really wish she wouldn’t talk about fleas!  It makes me itch every time she says that word!

Something happened to my mommy’s back.  She said it started a long time ago when she was younger.  I thought she was younger now!  Something about a crash with her car and her back hurt then.  I don’t know how it could hurt now if it was as long ago as what I heard her say. And I don’t get it – she seemed fine and then all of a sudden she wasn’t doing very much.  I heard her say ‘Ouch’ a few times when she tried to stand up.  She went to her doctor a few days ago and she has to swallow these little, round, white things in the morning and at night.  I think she calls them pills but once in awhile she calls me a pill and I don’t get it – I don’t look anything like those little things she has now.  I guess they are supposed to make her feel better.  I hope so because I miss going for walks with her.

I’d better go – I think she’s coming!  Hey, do you see my new doggy blanket?  She bought it for me a couple of days before she stopped doing what she always does.  It’s fuzzy and warm and it has dogs and bones all over it.  She put it at the end of her bed where I like to sleep.  Sometimes she thinks I’m asleep but I’m really just pretending.  I’m really looking out the big doors.  Watching for birds and squirrels and cats to bark at!


  1. Oooh, sorry about your back Adrienne! I'm praying it gets better and soon!


  2. Oh please tell your mommy that I hope the little pills help soon and that her back gets all better.
    You certainly can't be a pill can look so innocent!
    Take care of mommy.....

  3. Oh Joey, you are so cute! I do hope your momma, Miz Adrienne, gets to feeling better soon! {{{hugs}}}

  4. Tell your mommy that I'm so sorry her back is hurt and that I hope she will feel better very soon. I know you are helping her out in such a nice way.

  5. What a darling post, but I am so sorry about your back. Hope you feel better soon and please give Joey a special pat for me.

  6. Sorry to hear your back has been hurting. I hope that you are starting to feel better by now. Did Joey move his new blankie from his place on the bed?

  7. :) He is so cute, and so was your post. I'm sorry to hear about your back. Praying it will be better soon, Dear. Hugs ~


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