Friday, June 8, 2012

Finds And Treasures

A few years ago I asked for a cordless screwdriver of my own for either Christmas or my birthday.  My sweetheart bought one – a man-sized model – and it was mine!  Well, not so much!  It soon became the handy, convenient tool of choice when he had jobs to do.  I used it once or twice and, since it was too big for my hands, I didn’t use it much.  Over time it wore out.  From use.  Not because I used it - because my sweetheart used it.  Whenever I had a job that required more than my sweet, little pastel screwdrivers could handle I pined away for a cordless model that would be my very own. 

When we began to do a tiny bit of work in my sweet, little vintage trailer my sweetheart showed me how to use his new and improved – and gigantic – cordless drill/screwdriver.  It took both hands to use it and I had to hang on for dear life!  So it was that just recently – while following my sweetheart through Home Depot – I spied exactly what I knew would work for me!  I picked up the display model, held it in my tiny hands and, oh-h-h-h.  This was it!  Just what I needed.  A few slight hints (well, not so slight) to my sweetheart and it was in the basket and soon in the car.  Going home with me. 
It has a cute, little case to store it in.  It should be easy to find when I need it.
It wasn’t long before the battery was on the charger - getting ready to use.P4162547My sweetheart also bought me yellow leather work gloves to protect my delicate, little hands!
I’ve used my little tool– and I love it!  No one has tried to ‘borrow’ it.  I think they all know it’s best they don’t even think of it!  Now I have some of the tools I’ll need to restore my dear, little vintage trailer.  Oh, wait – there’s more.  But I’ll save that for another time!P4162551Do you think this is really a ‘find and treasure’?  You bet it is!  It will be used for many projects – and I can ‘find’ it now!  And you can be sure I ‘treasure’ that thought!


  1. That is definitely a treasure. I have my own toolbox too and I love it. I always know where things are and they fit me. Great find and love the gloves too. Hugs, Marty

  2. Good luck keeping it...I have a screwdriver and hammer hidden...and I mean HIDDEN, cuz I can never find one!

  3. A few years ago I received a tool box of my own for Christmas. At first I was annoyed but then it dawned on me I had my own small sized hammer, my own tape measure and I didn't have to share. The problem is some of 'my' tools are missing, hubby apparently has shared with me and not returned them. I found your blog on A country farmhouse blog, you live close to me I am in Newberg and it is fun meeing new 'bloggers' in my area. Most are so far away and there would never be a chance to meet someday. I enjoyed your blog.

  4. I'll be looking for that! One of the problems at my house is that I keep my tools in the house and hubby keeps his in the garage. Therefore, when he wants to fix something inside it's easier to get my tools. That's okay except he's not too good at putting things back. Not too good is actually putting it mildly. :) blessings, marlene

  5. Woo Hooness! Yes, ma'am, that's a treasure and it's all yours! Why do hubbies have the tendency to use our special tools? Mine does the same thing and never puts them back! ARG! :)
    Well, you're getting ready to tackle some stuff in little Daffodil! Good luck and wear those gloves.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  6. Wow! You are a big girl now. Didn't you know it takes having your own tools to be a big girl. Love it and it is a treasure to behold.

  7. Haha, good for you! I got tired of borrowing DH's tools all the time, so I bought myself a little handyman kit. I've got a little drill too. And I hide them just in case!!! Have fun, sweetie!

  8. I could use one of those too! You go girlfriend!

  9. yellow? of course it's yellow. :o) a treasure indeed. i have a little toolbox too .. two. one for my trailer and one for my home. smallish size tools. i need to keep an eye out for pinkish toned drills, hammers, and such.

  10. Oh you'll get a lot of use out of that! It really is wonderful to find tools that fit a woman's smaller grip. It makes all the difference in the world when you need to use it!


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