Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Little of This. . .A Little of That

Summer is moving along so fast and it may seem that I’ve disappeared!  Most days find me moving quickly from one thing – often from one place – to another.  I decided to slow down a bit and catch you up on some of my doings.

One of the members of our family seems to enjoy afternoon naps outside.  Miss Savannah takes several daily naps somewhere in the back yard.  Sometimes in the sun.  Often in the shade of the afternoon.  Her favorite spot seems to be in the middle of the lawn right where she can listen for and watch the birds moving in our neighbor’s trees.  She comes alive when a squirrel or two runs along our fence from one place to another.  No matter where I am in the house I can always tell the squirrels are out and about and Miss Savannah is somewhere close.  They chitter and chatter and scold her at the top of their little voices.

My dear, little mother has improved.  It's a blessing; however, she still needs to take life pretty slow and get a lot of rest.  While she hasn’t been able to return to most of her usual duties she enjoys being in her home and is glad she can fix her own meals again.  Unless she has an invitation to my home.  Then, she jumps at the chance to let someone else do the cooking and squeeze in a good visit at the same time!  Sometimes we take a meal to her house and enjoy dinner there with her.  She has some new medications that are helping her heart work a bit more efficiently.  While she is improved, life has changed for her.  And for me.  I’m so thankful I can be here for her through these days.  She is a dear – and I am SO blessed that she is still here!

I’ve had a couple of fun experiences over the last two weekends.  One Sunday afternoon I joined several of my Portland area Sisters from Sisters On The Fly.  We had a great time as we chatted over a delightful potluck lunch and talked the afternoon away.  One of our Sisters invited us to her lovely home.  We had a good time and we've decided to take turns and make this a monthly event.  I ‘borrowed’ this group photo from our Facebook page because I didn’t take any pictures!  My camera was in my bag inside our hostess' home – and I was outside having too much fun!  Our hostess took the picture so you won’t see her here. (I’m peeking through the middle of the back row!)
SOTF July Lunch
Last Sunday afternoon I enjoyed a special bloggers lunch at the home of my dear blog friend, Marilyn of Delights Of The Heart.  Again, I didn’t have my camera!  (Note to self:  You need to work on that bad habit. There's a pattern developing here!)  Please stop by Marilyn’s blog (here) to see her beautiful greenhouse where we had lunch and to read about our time together.  Marilyn's husband built the greenhouse, using recycled windows and materials.  Two summers ago she and I had afternoon tea in the greenhouse.  You can see more of her beautiful home and yard here.  There was a special tea ceremony in her yard later last Sunday afternoon.  I was not able to stay for tea time but I enjoyed lunch time with blog friends I’ve ‘met’ online and some who were new to me.  I love the way the blog world brings people together who might never have a chance to meet.

Things have been very busy – sometimes crazy – here at our house over the past few months.  We have some big changes coming soon.  We are waiting for the arrival of our sweet, little granddaughter in about a month.  We can’t wait to meet her and spend time with her.  And love her a lot (and spoil her just a bit)!

I’ve been tweaking and rearranging things in my home.  I'm trying to simplify our home a bit and give it a different ‘feel'.  Some of the changes are still in process but I’ll show you what I’ve been doing soon.  Tomorrow I will share some recent finds and treasures that have found their way to special places in our home.  And I’ll share some big news I’ve been waiting to share!


  1. I'm glad that you mom is doing better. Such a relief! And how fun to spend some quality time with fellow bloggers! Can't wait to hear your newsy news too.

  2. Nice post, Adrienne! Thanks for all of the updates. It was wonderful to have you here on Sunday for a special time in the greenhouse.

  3. Oh my you have been having lots of fun it sounds like Adrienne!!!! I just love meeting new friends and wish we Colorado bloggers could somehow get together. I have been wanting to do this but Jesus hasn't seemed it was time yet as I just don't have the time for all the planning!

    A friend emailed yesterday wanting to make plans for my birthday so hopefully a girls day out will be in planning soon!! It's been a little bit so I am looking forward to it!! I think the last time was a quick lunch with a few friends when I went down to NM to help with my friend's wedding in May.

    Excited to hear all the good news! Will email soon! Been a busy week and must get some shut eye- tomorrow food box distribution!

    bee blessed

  4. Nice to have your update and hear that your mother is doing better. So glad you could have some time with your friends.
    I guess your life right now is a bit like your pet cat's - half relaxing with one 'eye' on the action. Looking forward to more updates soon.

  5. So glad to hear your mom is better. Relax deserve it! Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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