Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It’s A Beautiful Day

‘Every person is like a single tulip.
While they may blend when together,
each one is special in its own light.’
Daniella Kessler
Tulip Collage
Spring has arrived in our part of Oregon.  The skies are blue.  The days are warm – and flowers are blooming all around our valley.  This is one of my favorite times of the year.  (I think I say that about every season!)  We’ve been out and about enjoying special places – with special people.  We spent a day with senior citizens from our church at a local tulip festival – we took my cousin and her hubby to a lilac garden not too far away – I spent time with a dear blog friend back at that same lilac garden (more about that soon) – and we just returned from several days with dear long-time friends on the southern end of our state.  Like the quote above – we all blend together as we spend time together but it’s always amazing how each of us ‘stands out’ in a special way.  A speaker at a recent conference we attended said it best: ‘You’re the best original God ever created!’

Today I hope you stop for a moment or two to hold your head high and realize how special you are.  You ARE the best original God created – there’s no one like you.  Cherish the special things about you – the things you give to others.  The things that make you YOU!  Happy Spring, my friend!


  1. Just look at those tulips! Spring is my favorite time of year. We finally have flowers and green grass here in Michigan and the days have been sunny and in the 70's. Isn't it glorious!?

  2. The tulips are soooo pretty! Oh I love them all. Making me smile this morning. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. We are definitely being spoiled this spring with amazing weather. Like the lilac gardens, it's a shame that I live so close and have never been to the tulip festival! I must change that!

  4. Such beautiful photos! I love the tulips and the windmill. Enjoy a blessed day, Adrienne!

    Gracious Hospitality

  5. Beautiful flowers and a great analogy.

  6. Thank you for the beautiful flower photos and the inspiring words! You are the BEST!

  7. Oh, those tulips in front of the picket fence are just beautiful!!

    Thank you for the encouraging words, they're just what I needed today!

    I love Spring, it's my favorite season, with Autumn a close second. Sigh! Happy Spring to you, dear friend!



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