Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sister Camp Scenes

I'm on the road again!  My sweetheart is taking me and our 'big' trailer to the Washington Coast for a long-awaited event.  Sisters On The Fly gals from around Oregon, Washington and Idaho will gather today for the Eighth Annual Northwest Gathering.  There will be a lot of vintage - and other - trailers in the RV park that will be our home over the next few days.  Things have been planned and prepared for our days together - days (and nights, since we're all girls!) will be filled with laughter and chatter and food and fun.   And, hopefully, walks on the beach. The weather forecast isn't as promising as we had hoped, but - hey - it could be wrong!  I may check in and share a bit of the doings from time to time - we will have internet access and I know there will be way too much to keep to myself.

I thought I would share bits and pieces of our recent campout near my home - things you haven't seen before.  Some of these gals will be at our gathering this week and I'm sure they will have a few of these things with them.  Some have wind chimes in bushes and on trailer awnings (I have wind chimes this time, too!). . .
An old milk can filled with Hydrangeas. . .
Vintage ironing boards (love the way she used jeans to cover this one). . .P6017347Sisters On The Fly books. . .
Collections. . .P6017356
A Sisters On The Fly flag hung in a car window. . .
P6017358 Chalkboard signs. . .
Shelves filled with memorabilia. . .P6017367A row of petticoats hung high. . . P6017382And a welcome sign at our Sisters Camp hosts site.P6017379As dusk begins to settle down around us, lights in all colors, shapes and sizes come on around us. A vintage thermos that was made into a lamp and a tiny chandelier light the way around this tiny trailer.
Green and red pepper-shaped lights  top this cute trailer.P6017386Lights shaped like little vintage trailers make me smile.  I have lights like these that will hang from the front of our big trailer through the next few days.P6017388Lights that cascade over a big umbrella catch the attention of everyone who passes by.
There's something new to see every time you walk around camp.  It's fun to hear the stories behind things and see the personalities of my Sisters through the things that touch their hearts.  It’s amazing what you can see when you slow down and walk and look and listen.

You can be sure there will be more photos and ideas and stories to share when I return.  This has been in the planning for a long time.  Registration was limited and I'm thrilled to go.  I've been waiting - it's finally time!


  1. These are so cute! I love the thermos made into a lamp and all the fun lights. When we camped with our girls it was a nightly ritual to walk around the camp and see what kind of lights people ahd on. We loved it! So many cute ideas:>)

  2. Oh what fun! I love all the pictures. MIL and FIL just bought a new camper. I need to show her your pictures! Hugs and prayers, Cindy

  3. such a lovely setting. looking forward to seeing pictures of this most current meetup, ad.

  4. Seeing all of this creativity is inspiring! Such great fun! Gosh, I think a regional or national magazine ought to do an article about these get-togethers!

  5. The whole thing sounds like so much fun!

    Loved the photos - so many cute ideas!

  6. I just know you are having the best time ever. Sigh!


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