Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lakeside Living

A few days ago I showed you how my sweetheart puts his little boat on top of the truck when we take it and our travel trailer on an outing.  Follow me to our destination – a beautiful, big lake high in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon.  This was the view of the lake from the shore at our campsite.Campsite View 1 Good friends of ours met us at the lake.  There was a sweet, little trail from our campsite to theirs next to us.  Here’s the view from their campsite.Campsite View 2We were fortunate to find a lakeside spot so my sweetheart could ‘dock’ his little boat right there when he wasn't fishing.Campsite View - Boat and LakeThe weather was beautiful – warm and sunny.  Perfect for camping.Sunshine on the WavesI loved the afternoon shadows.  The contrast between light and dark made it seem like an artist had worked his magic.Shadows

Afternoon Shadows
Joey and I went for a lot of long walks - we saw something different each time.  There was so much that captured my attention.  The work of a woodpecker. . .Woodpecker Tree Tiny shoots that grew on the side of trees that towered far above our heads. . .Little Greens And lakeside picnic tables in the distance.Lakeside Picnic Table Early one morning we woke to the sound of rain on the roof of the trailer.  My sweetheart was happy – he said that’s the kind of weather fishermen like!  They say fish bite better when the sun isn’t shining on the water.  I heard quite a few of the fishermen say that but I still have to wonder if it’s an old wives fisherman’s tale.  The day was cloudy and gray.  And cold.Gray Day on the LakeThe wind started blowing in the middle of the day.  It was strong enough to keep the boats off the lake.  What does a fisherman do when he can’t be out on the lake?  He sits in his boat and plots and plans and fixes and mends and changes his lines and lures.  And rearranges his stuff - waiting for the next trip out.Working On The Boat2Joey and I were happy to see the sun again the next day.  That’s what we like!  We were happy to walk and breathe deeply and enjoy the smell of the woods again after being cooped up the day before.  Late in the afternoon, as we walked, we saw – and smelled- the smoke from a campfire in the distance.Campfire SmokeYou may wonder what I did through the days when my sweetheart was fishing on the lake or talking to other fishermen or sitting in his boat scheming schemes to catch the ever-elusive big fish.  I relaxed and read and edited photos and caught up on reading  magazines I’ve collected.  I often sat and looked out the window of the trailer when I wasn’t inside – and I thought about things big and small and enjoyed life in the woods for a few summer days.

I hope you’ll come by again and come with us for a tour of the lake.  There’s room for you in the boat – I saved you a seat!


  1. Odell Lake, right? We used to camp there every summer with my cousins from California. It sounds heavenly to relax and read and go on walks taking photos!

  2. You find the most amazing spots to camp! So beautiful and serene. So did he catch a lot of fish on that rainy day or was it an old wives tale after all?

  3. How beautiful this is...almost like a bit of heaven.

  4. Oh gosh, I would LOVE to tag along! What sweet bliss...

  5. I admire your ability to just sit and wait and pass your time. I'd find that hard as I am such a get up and go person. not saying that is good but just the way I am - restless I guess.


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