Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Memories of Christmas Past

It’s beginning to look like Christmas is over at our house.  Today is our day to take it all down.  The house looks a little bare.  We’re making progress to get it all put back together again.  Soon it will be time to start working on projects and making plans for more adventures around here. Christmas UndecoratingChristmas two-thousand-fourteen will always be a sweet memory – a picture in my mind that will last for years to come!  My dear, little mother wanted to be part of as much as possible this year.  At times I thought she might not be able to do the things her heart longed to do.  At the beginning I wasn’t sure how to handle the season with the changes that have happened in her life since she last spent Christmas at home two years ago.  Last year she was recuperating from a broken pelvic bone in a local rehab facility.  That changed everything in our lives and the past year has brought many challenges.  So, I decided to make this season as full of special memories as possible – for her.  And for us.  That’s what happened and we all have quite a few moments to cherish:

*  The joy on her face as she sat and sang ‘Joy To The World’ at the annual Christmas Luncheon for senior citizens at our church is like a photo imprinted in my mind. 
*  The joy she had to hear me play the piano again at that luncheon – and the pride I saw in her eyes – was a treasure to me. 
*  The joy she expressed when she had time to celebrate with great-grandchildren. 
*  The joy of an evening drive to see Christmas lights around our town - a tradition begun by my father when I was a very young girl – brought joy to each of us.  

Scattered through the holiday season were moments that will fade in comparison, but these special times, and more, will remain in our hearts for a long time.  As I reflect on the last weeks I can honestly say, ‘We had a wonderful Christmas’!  Now it’s time to get ready and make plans for the new year ahead so next year at this time we can say, ‘We had a wonderful year’!
Outside At Night 2
(our home at night through the Christmas season)


  1. Dear heart...I am so very glad your mother was able to enjoy the Christmas season with ya'll.
    My mother has been gone almost 20 yrs and I'll never really get over it. I think one learns to live with it...but never gets completely over losing ones we love. You are blessed to have this season with your mom.;)
    Yes, my house looks a little bare without all the decorations but I am LOVIN' it....:)

  2. Awe...love your Christmas. Precious memories being made. With the loss of my precious MIL this year was hard! We would cry one minute and laugh the next! God has been so good to us though and we praise Him! Happy New Year. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. I am so glad you were able to have so many happy times with your mother this Christmas! What joy it must have been to have her home this year after last years stint in rehab.I took down our decorations yesterday and I have to admit, I miss the lights on these grey days. I'll have to find another way to brighten things up.


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