Sunday, April 5, 2015

Then Came The Morning

Easter 2014
They all walked away, nothing to say,
They'd just lost their dearest friend.
All that He said, now He was dead,
So this was the way it would end.
The dreams they had dreamed were not what they'd seemed,
Now that He was dead and gone.
The garden, the jail, the hammer, the nail,
How could a night be so long.

The angel, the star, the kings from afar,
The wedding, the water, the wine.
Now it was done, they'd taken her son,
Wasted before his time.
She knew it was true, she'd watched him die too,
She'd heard them call Him just a man,
But deep in her heart, she knew from the start,
Somehow her Son would live again.

Then came the morning, night turned into day;
The stone was rolled away, hope rose with the dawn.
Then came the morning, shadows vanished before the sun,
Death had lost and life had won, for morning had come.


He is not here; He has risen, as He said [He would do].
Come, see the place where He lay.
Matthew 28:6

Song: ‘Then Came The Morning’
Words and music by Bill and Gloria Gaither
Scripture from The Amplified Bible


  1. I hope you Easter is a lovely one, it is such a glorious day.

  2. So much joy in knowing Christ lives, conquering death and giving all those who receive Him abundant life. Happy Easter, dear friend. ~ Nancy

  3. I hope that your Resurrection Day was beautiful for you my friend. He lives! And because He lives we can face tomorrow! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. This always brings tears...of joy...of love...of knowing HE loves us so.

    We've had the pleasure of seeing the Gaithers in concert twice and never enjoyed anything so much.

  5. I've always loved this song; it gives me goose bumps! I'm so thankful for our risen Saviour! :)


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