Monday, October 2, 2017

A Peek At My Childhood Home and A Break

I shared about my childhood home the way it was back in the day.  Here's a glimpse of what it looks like today.
Isn't it wonderful?  It's a vacation rental house - and I'd love to rent it sometime.  And I just might do that and some of my family would love to go, too.

I will share more in a few days.  I am taking a short break and will return to show you the inside of the house.  It's amazing!  They kept the character and some of things that have meaning to me.  And when I return I will share more of The Grand Trip with you.  I have a lot of catching up to do!


  1. Can't wait to see pictures. Yes, it's a grand home. Love it! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. How can I subscribe to your posts?

  3. What a cute house, Adrienne. I love it! Looking forward to seeing the interior. Hugs.


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