Monday, July 16, 2007

The World At My Door

From time to time I would like to share glimpses of my world with you . As with you, there are many parts to my life so I will try to share something special from my home, my neighborhood, my family, the world in which I work and minister or wherever my life takes me. Welcome to my home - here is the world at my front door.

This cute, little weathered birdhouse welcomes you to my home in the spring and summertime.
When you approach my front door you will see this special little girl with her dog and watering can. I'm sure you will enjoy the restful sounds of water flowing over the rocks and into the pool below them. This is just below our big living room window. The roof extends from the house over the little front porch and this planter. This area was overgrown by plants that previous owners had added through the years and it was very hard to maintain. We cleaned it out and started over. It needs more plants and we will continue to work on it as we can. Until it's finished we enjoy the changes we've made so far.

A pot of pansies adds color to the entry area.

Black-eyed Susans (Thumbergia), in a bright yellow pot, climb up a wrought iron teepee-style trellis. The exquisite colors capture the attention of nearly everyone who visits.
A miniature tree rose nearby draws attention. The picture may fool your eye - the bloom above is small and delicate. Can you see the water on the petals?

I would love it if you could come up the walk to my front door and enjoy each of the things that await your arrival. Until that time, enjoy this glimpse of the world at my front door.


  1. Your home is gorgeous - the flowers make your entryway so inviting! Thanks for making me sigh with happiness this evening, gazing at all that beauty!

  2. How beautiful! The pansies are glorious and the rst of your home looks just beautiful!


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