Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Pleasure of Your Company is Requested

Today I am here with my sweetheart. This is the day for his annual company picnic and we have gone away for the day -- out of town; out of state! We are about an hour from home at this beautiful private park, east of Vancouver, Washington. We will enjoy time with my sweetheart's friends and coworkers and their families, eat delicious food, play lots of games with fantastic prizes and spend a peaceful, quiet day in this refreshing open-air place. The picnic was held here last year and we hoped we could return again. It was so much fun that we stayed all day. Here's are some of the things we might do -
Gather here and
  • meet friends,
  • eat lunch together ,
  • play bingo for very nice prizes;

Ride paddleboats on the lake;

Enjoy the kids' safari play area;

Drink pink lemonade from fountains all through the park;

(Yes, it really is pink lemonade!)

Walk over trails through the woods.

This is a magical place to spend a day away from the demands of life and the noise of the city. We will enjoy our day relaxing in this beautiful part of God's creation. And when we return home we will be tired but we will have fond memories of our day together and the pleasure we had at the company picnic.

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  1. Hope your day was wonderful. Thank you for the kind & encouraging comments on my tea towel curtains.


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