Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A New Day

. . .As thy days, so shall thy strength be.
Deuteronomy 33:25

The fog of yesterday lifted. The Son shone into our lives and brought His peace. Reality was faced. Decisions were made. A plan is in place.

I accompanied our dear friend to her appointment with the doctor who has been treating her for nearly a year. What we knew in our hearts was true - the days ahead are short for this precious one. She can no longer stay alone in her apartment. She has come to terms with the path God has laid out for her and she is at peace with the choices and decisions. No struggle. No fear. Just a calm assurance that God was not surprised by the words of the doctor or the view of the days ahead. Many phone calls were made. Plans are in place. For a few days she is here in my home. Secure. At peace. Surrounded by each of us who have loved her for so many years. We are family. She is at rest here. God opened the way for her to move into the Elder Care facility where our dear daughter, Mrs. M. is in charge of resident care. Our dear one will soon move into the apartment next to Mrs. M's. office where her needs will be cared for by a competent staff who truly value and love each resident. My heart is at peace.

The days ahead will be a challenge for me. Today our dear one and I will be at the hospital all day as she receives a blood transfusion to give some respite from the severe anemia that has overtaken her. Her doctor explained that this will give a bit more strength for a short time so she can enjoy a bit of time with her friends and family. Relief was evident as she heard the doctor's words telling her that she doesn't have to eat or drink anything she doesn't feel like having. Blessed sleep filled most of her day after she arrived here. My sweetheart quickly altered his hunting plans in order to meet the needs of the next day or two. Our dear friend is a special person. Her life has touched more people than she will ever know. Tears are on the faces of many as they hear the news. It will be our loss. Her gain. Heaven's gain.


  1. Adrienne, I am so sorry that you and your friend are going through this. I will add you, and her, to my prayers.

  2. I pray that His tender mercies would envelope your friend at this time - and those who dearly love her. The Father has prepared a place for her - He's waiting - patiently - expectantly - lovingly, for the perfect time to welcome and embrace this precious lady to her eternity with Him, in her glorified self forever - Amen <><

  3. I will be praying for this dear soul! I will also be praying that God will use her life mightily in these last episodes. . . to be a testimony of God's reality, grace, and faithfulness. There are so many who need to witness a saint who has been through the trenches and yet loves and serves God passionately.

    In Christ, KJ

  4. This brought tears to my eyes--decisions like this can be tough, but the best for all involved.


  5. Oh, Adrienne. I'm so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you...

  6. Adrienne, God bless you for being there for this dear one at a time of need. We can all only hope to have someone like you in our lives when our time comes and the Lord is calling us home.

    God's Peace and Strength to both of you in these final days.




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