Monday, October 22, 2007

Through The Fog

We woke this morning to fog. What a contrast to yesterday's gorgeous sunny fall day - a day to get out and enjoy the colors and feelings of fall. Today is a different day! So like life. It seems that we go along in a pattern at times, in a routine. Nothing difficult, nothing exciting! Then, suddenly, we are walking in the fog - we can hardly see one step ahead and we know we must proceed with caution. What is just outside our view? Is our perspective true? These are the times we need to hold tight to the hand of our dear Heavenly Father and follow closely so we can hear His voice saying, "This is the way - walk here." This is one of those days that I need to hear Him say, "My child, don't be afraid. There is nothing ahead to frighten you if you stay close to me. I will tell you what you need to know so you won't get lost in the fog."

Our dear friend is declining rapidly and can no longer care for herself. It seems her life here with us will soon be over and it won't be long until she walks into the presence of the Saviour she loves and has served so long. While it's hard to watch, I have taken the legal responsibility to be there to help her and care for her through the days ahead. She has tried to stay in her home of many years - living alone. The time has come to make hard decisions that will mean big changes for her. This morning I will take her to see her doctor to ask tough questions and seek the assistance needed for the difficult choices that must be made. Over the last few days she has not been able to deal with the changes that so obviously must be made now. My dear daughter, Mrs. M., will go with us. She works in the medical world, specializing in elder and end-of-life care. She will hear what the doctor says and can interpret it in a way that will make the necessary choices easier to sort out.

I will have to make most of the decisions. Our dear friend trusts me and relys on me to do what is right. I only want God's best for her! I don't want to run ahead of Him - and I don't want to lag behind. I want to hear His voice and take one step at a time. His time, not mine. Today we need to hear His voice - clearly in the fog.

A few minutes ago the sun broke through the fog. The skies are blue and clear. No clouds. No fog. I rest assured that God will do the same in our situation today - no clouds, no fog. Just the Light of the Son shining into our lives!

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