Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An Antique Birthday Party

Saturday morning after we left Flourishes, our next stop was at Camas Antiques where they were celebrating their birthday!The streets of downtown Camas are like a scene from the past. Tree-lined streets. Quaint little shops. An intriguing place to be.We arrived a few minutes before time to open the store. Part of the birthday celebration included a gift for the first few people in the door. We were among the first group inside. We got cute little Easter 'bags' with chocolate eggs inside. Chocolate! Off to a great start. There was so much to see. Where to begin? Go the opposite direction of most of the crowd!It didn't take long to find that the prices were right and the sale discounts were enticing. The store staff walked around and offered to take things to the front of the store to hold them until we were ready to check out. That was so convenient. Hands-free shopping!The 'party' was at the back of the store. Delightful chocolate cake. Yummy carrot cake. Coffee. Sodas. A place to sign up for a drawing. A sense of celebration. And we felt so welcomed there. Part of the fun was the chance to see and chat with friends we met at Flourishes a bit earlier. And a chance to check out what they were buying. It was a busy place. Full of so many pretty things. Things that called my name.Is it possible to have too many dishes?
Don't forget to look up. It seems that we looked at nearly everything there before it was time to go. Right in front of our parking place was a darling little children's clothing shop. It captured my attention when we first arrived. The name on the store made me smile. My children have always called my dear mother 'Nana'. And so do my grandchildren.Inside were the most delightful children's clothes and accessories. Fancy, fairy tale dresses. Handsome things for little gentlemen. Sweet play clothes. And in the back, a few collectibles for sale. A wonderful shop.

Down the road a ways we discovered a little antique mall. Full of treasures. This little purse gave me an idea. I have an old purse, a pretty hanky and some of my grandmother's pins. Hmm. . .

It wasn't long before we headed toward home with a stop for lunch. Great food. And a fantastic view! I'll share that soon.


  1. Gosh, Camas looks like a little town that I would love to live in. One that everyone knows each other, the local coffee shop has all the latest news on everyone and a place where everyone cares for each other. A place in my dreams!



  2. Love the shop, sheesh wish I could go there, I spotted a few things I want in your pictures! Sounds like a lovely place to be, glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for sharing.

  3. What a fun shopping trip. So filled with eye candy.....how could you bring yourself to leave? I may have asked to spend the night. LOL :-) Rosie

  4. Adrienne, this is a beautiful town and what a delightful shop! I love it.

    No, one can never have too many dishes!


  5. oh dear me! what a wonderful shop to visit...like a candy store for ladies. :o)

    bless you this day, adrienne.

    haus frau

  6. Hi Adrienne, in answer to your question, no, it is not possible to have too many dishes! I love all the blue and yellow dishes and what a fun place to explore. Your lunch out looked beautiful. I am so glad I am catching up with you. I have been working a lot of hours and just got behind. I hope you have a blessed Easter:>)

  7. That looks like my kind of town!! The antique is wonderful! Did you buy any of that gorgeous china?? I bet Nana's shop was adorable too.


  8. Oh that town looks straight out of a movie! What a lovely place to spend a day :)



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