Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Day To Celebrate

This is a day to celebrate! On this day - years ago - my life changed. Forever. This day. Twice. Today is the birthday of two precious people who came into my life. It has never been the same again. Two different days. Years apart. Birthdays of dear-to-my-heart people. People whose love I will cherish always.
On this day 34 years ago my first child - my son - was born. There is no way to tell the joy in my heart when he arrived. No way to say how much I love him. He was a wonderfully, precious little boy. Such fun. So full of important things to do and say. We have laughed and cried together through the years. Watching him grow into a man has been incredible. I look at him now and can't believe he was that tiny baby, that darling toddler, that handsome teenager. I can hardly believe that he is a dad to three of the most precious little boys ever. So like him. And now he understands the special thrill of having a son. There is no joy to compare.
Mr. J., I love you and I'm so proud of you. I'm proud to stand beside you and say that I am your mother. You are a strong man of God. He has great things ahead for you. You and your beautiful wife have blessed us with the privilege of loving your sweet boys. Happy birthday, dear son. You have changed my life forever. I wouldn't want it any other way.
Ten years ago - again on March 8th - another special person entered my life. And once again my life was changed. My first grandchild, Miss A., was born early on the morning of her uncle's birthday. Another day to celebrate and rejoice. Our dear daughter worked hard to bring her sweet girl into the world. And she looked so like her mother. There were tears and laughter and dancing and smiles. We were, oh, so proud. We still are. She has become an active young lady. Clever and smart. Loving and thoughtful. Being a grandma suddenly had new meaning. She and I were close from the start. We have a special bond and love to be together. We have plans that will take years to accomplish. Oh, for the time to do them all!
Miss A., I love you. You are growing to be a very lovely young lady. We have such special memories together. There have been silly moments and sad moments. We have snuggled and loved and tickled and giggled. I am so proud of the way you are growing up. I am happy to be your 'Mamack'. I'll always be there for you. No matter what. No matter where.
Mr. J. and Miss A.
(At his Ordination into ministry)

March 8th is dear to my heart. A special day. With special memories. Firsts. My first child. My first grandchild. Reason for joy. And a few happy tears.


  1. Oh Happy Birthday to those precious, priceless, gems of yours! You are TRULY blessed, and so are they to have you!

  2. what precious sentiments for your son and grand daughter. pure love!

  3. What a handsome son and a darling granddaughter. I see your reasons for celebration!!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. J and Ms. A!!!
    I know I'm a day late here but I finally made it!! Adrienne, you have a beautiful family and I kinda get a hint here that you're proud of them!! :o) You have every reason to be. Tomorrow is my baby boy's birthday. He will be 35! I sit and wonder sometimes, as I'm sure you do, where did the years go??


  5. Happy Birthday to all. That is very sweet.

  6. So beautiful, so touching, such love. xoRachel

  7. what a beautiful tribute to your son and grand are so proud... and right you should be, they are both beautiful people...
    the pictures of both babies brought tears of remembrance of my own children and grand children's births...
    I just loved your memory tribute...
    Happy birthday to Mr. J...and
    Happy Birthday to Miss A


  8. That is such a sweet post. You have a fine looking family and are truly blessed.

  9. Well "Happy Birthday" to your son and your granddaughter.

    You have given them a great gift too. . . YOU. A wonderful, Godly woman who loves them both so dearly!





  11. Beautiful post and a beautiful tribute to your son. Happy Birthday to handsome Mr. J.!

    Blessings to you and yours.

    Ms. A is beautiful!!!


  12. What a very sweet family. I loved seeing all the photos and reading their stories. IT's a great heirtage you have growing there.
    Happy Birthdy to eveyrone!
    Be blessed, Joyce

  13. Such a cute picture of you as a young mother! I love to see how people looked when they were "younger!" Your granddaughter was such an adorable baby girl! (And now too!)



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