Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This pansy has a thinking face
Like the yellow moon.
This one has a face with white blots:
I call him the clown.
Here goes one down the grass
With a pretty look of plumpness;
She is a little girl going to school
With her hands in the pockets of her pinafore.
Her name is Sue.
I like this one, in a bonnet,
Waiting, her eyes are so deep!
But these on the other side,
These that wear purple and blue,
They are the Velvets,
The king with his cloak,
The queen with her gown,
The prince with his feather.
These are dark and quiet
And stay alone.

Poem: "Velvets - By A Bed of Pansies"
Poems By A Little Girl by Hilda Conkling


  1. Gorgeous pansies...always a favorite of mine...

  2. I love pansies and have always thought they have little faces! This poem is perfect for them!

    I would have loved being along with you when you were singing Sunday! Afterward we could have had tea!

    I would love to hear you sing, and that being a favorite song would be even more special!


  3. I luv the pansy!!
    Your package went out in today's mailing and they told me Parcel Post would be 8 to 10 days. Hopefully, it will be there before then.
    I am working in my little, tiny garden today...it is 83 and getting warmer out here in W. Texas...
    hugs, bj

  4. I paint a pansy on each of my dollies, for I so love pansies. What a sweet little poem.

    In answer to your question; no I did not participate in the OC garage sale. I'm WAY too busy shopping it!


  5. Ahhhh.... how lovely is your creation, dear Lord!

    Thank you, dear Adrianne for sharing such lovelyness....

    Have a great day



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