Monday, August 25, 2008

A Day To See The Dentist

Last Monday I had a dentist appointment. A scheduled checkup. A good one. I like my dentist and his staff but I have to drive a ways. It's a long story! He once had an office near where I worked. Then he bought another practice and moved a bit farther away. I like him and his work so much that I choose to drive a ways to have my checkups and any work that needs to be done. He's the best! As a result of driving a ways I always plan to stop along the way home. There is a little, tiny thrift shop just blocks from his office that is a favorite. It isn't anything to feature in a magazine or to brag about but the staff is friendly and it's for a good cause. The little shop is run by the church across the street and the proceeds go toward their elementary school. I always find wonderful things in this shop. Their prices are ridiculously low. As planned, I stopped after my dental appointment. With clean teeth and a big smile on my face I walked into the shop and immediately found a few things I knew were meant for me. This white egg with yellow and blue dots was mine! It is filled with a gently used yellow candle inside.Nearby I found this wonderful linen towel with precise embroidery. The bullion roses are so sweet.And there was another that I couldn't resist.When I walked toward the counter two new pieces were waiting to be priced. I asked about them and was told I could have them at a special price that day. I knew they would be a great addition to my table some day.While I found some new treasures - that wasn't the best part. I stood and talked to the manager for a bit. She was alone there and the store was quiet. She asked where I lived. When I told her she got a 'funny' smile on her face and asked more specifics. She said she knew my hometown well. Then I told her exactly where I live and she said, 'Well, I live exactly two blocks down the same street!' Neighbors. Who would have thought? I had to drive to a nearby community to meet my neighbor. She and I have agreed that we will honk and wave or stop and say hi when we pass each other's home and find that we are in our yards. What a wonderful discovery. A new friend.

On Friday, here, I gave you a sneek peek at my BIG bargain on the day I went to the dentist. Now it's time to share it with you and tell you the story. After leaving the little thrift shop I headed toward home determined to stop at one or two Goodwill stores along the way. I have a Goodwill Club card - if you don't, you should check with your local Goodwill and see if they are part of the plan. I earn points for each purchase. When I accumulate two hundred points I get a ten dollar store credit toward my next purchase. I've had fun with it and I'm always amazed how quickly they add up! I had a store credit in my purse, plus I knew I would get a twenty five percent discount off of one purchase during my birthday month. August. I wanted to find something special and combine the two for a real good deal. The minute I walked in the first Goodwill Store along my way I saw it in the glass case near the front counter! There is was. That was it. A look at the price and I knew this was the big deal of the month. Nineteen dollars, ninety nine cents - minus twenty five percent (Five dollars) minus my ten dollar credit equals FIVE DOLLARS!!!Would you believe it was made by Hall. The bottom of the pot says 'Tricolator Product'. If you enlarge the picture you can see it better. Hall USA. A collectible for sure.I smile each time I look at it. It's my birthday gift and reward from the folks at Goodwill. For being such a great customer. And getting older!


  1. You sure know how to shop!

    I especially like the egg.

  2. Don't you just love meeting new people who have a similar passion? ANd your new teapot is darling! I'm not familiar with Hall, but I collect Paragon china, and it's a thrill to find a piece in a antique store.

  3. I love all your treasures...especially the one of making a new friend...
    love, bj

  4. what nice little treasures you found, thats so special..
    meeting a new friend that lives near you is awesome..Hope you get to visit with each other..
    take care,

  5. Oh my what great finds!! A bonus for going to the dentist, and driving a distance to get there!! LOL!

    I'm envious of that yellow tea pot, no, no I'm not supposed to be envious!!

    I really like it all!


  6. Love the pictures!!!!

  7. Another fabulous find! :) Glad your dentist appointment went well, and how neat to meet a new neighbor, too. ;)

  8. Morning, Adrienne! I'm so glad you have a good dentist you love and trust. I've had so many teeth worked on so I know exactly how you feel! Oh, what treasures you've found. That teapot is adorable and you've found a neighbor! How wonderful!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. I have an award for you at my blog, dear.

  10. Hmmmmm....Adrienne....I too, have a dentist appt. approaching. I think I'll ask you to come with me -- you found the most gorgeous treasures!! The embroidered linens are so, so beautiful!

  11. Happy Happy Late Birthday to you!!! Great treasures for the birthday girl. Such fun to find wonderful things like you did!


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