Friday, August 1, 2008

Finds and Treasures (6)

One of the places my out-of-state family and I shopped together was the local Dollar Tree store. We were there more than once! We found some wonderfully cute little treasures I had to bring home with me. I knew immediately where they would go. On a (hopefully) soon-to-be hung shelf above the desk in my office/sewing room. They will be perfect here.

These little pretties are a syrocco-type material and rather simple in crafting. They make me smile. The first to be found was a darling vintage-style sewing machine.Then we found a typewriter. . .And a camera. . .And then a dear little box camera. Reminiscent of one I owned many years ago. Oh how I wish I still had it!These little treasures will be such a great addition to the special things I plan to add to the shelves above my desk. They are so 'me'! The sewing machine represents the years I have loved to sew. And a brief time I had a sewing-related business in my home. The typewriter is perfect. For a number of years I worked in various levels of the clerical side of business. And the cameras are a symbol of my long-standing love of and attempts at photography. They give me reason to finish my redo of this room soon. I'll give you a tour when it is ready. You won't be able to miss these sweet pieces when they are in their new spot.


  1. Just catching up after a long time away. Hope your mom is feeling better. :)

  2. Yes, you did find wonderful treasures. I know you are going to enjoy having them. I can't wait to see the final pictures.

  3. Adrienne I love the Dollar Tree! They have the cutest little things to decorate with at holiday times. But you best get there early - they go quickly! blessings, marlene

  4. your treasures will look very neat in your special room...
    can hardly wait to see it...


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