Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Far Away Friend

I have been blessed through life by the privilege of having many friends. My friends are important to me and I treasure them deeply. One of the joys of blogging has been the many friendships I have made that would not have been possible otherwise. Friends who I may never meet. Friends who mean so much. A few months ago I received an email from a sweet lady who found my blog. She asked if I would consider being her pen pal. Along with her question she included 'references'. She comes highly recommended by several wonderful ladies whose blogs I read regularly. What this dear one did not know was that I have always wanted a pen pal! All through childhood, through my teen years and adult years I have thought how fun it would be to have a pen pal. My response was an immediate 'Yes'. We have been writing real letters on lovely stationery and once in awhile there's an email or two for instant communication. We are having fun as we get to know each other but we hope the day will come that we can meet face-to-face. Not long ago I received a package in the mail. From my penpal, Gwen. It was the sweetest gift a gal could receive. So much of her heart went into each special thing she had chosen (or made) just for me! I'd love to share her gift with you.She read my letters and my blog carefully. She knew I love yellow. It was obvious by her choices. Handmade dishcloths just for me. From her hands and heart.
Included were the best assortment of bookmarks a reader could hope to own.The yellow beaded bookmark is exquisite. Delicate and beautiful. The ladybugs are magnetic bookmarks that clip to the page. A reminder where to begin reading again. The 'fairie' bookmark is so sweet. I love the tassel!She included a cute little journal for my thoughts. For special words.And she knows yellow roses are my favorites so she added beautiful stationery. With yellow roses!Words can't describe how I feel about my 'new' special friend. We can't wait for the day that we may be able to meet in person. Until that day we will keep writing letters on pretty paper and there may be more little gifts along the way from one heart to another. I 'borrowed' these words to try to say how much she has come to mean to me. They are for you, Gwen. My friend. My Far Away Friend.

Just want to say good morning
Hope your day is sunny and bright
And life is a special blessing
Even when it's dark at night.

Each day is very special
Because of you my friend
That's why this little message
To you I'd like to send.

Thank you for your kindness
The things you always share
And thank you for your loving ways
That lets me know you care.

Please know the feeling's mutual
I'm here for you each day
My thoughts are often with you
Even though you're far away.

We may not see each other
Distance separates us that's true
But in my heart a special place
Remains open just for you.

adapted from "A Far Away Friend"
Written by Ginny Bryant


  1. Oh Adrienne, what a sweet friend you have. Isn't it just amazing what God is doing with blogs? Bringing people together in new and different ways but emphasizing our sameness, not our differences. You are blessed to have found each other. Blessings, marlene

  2. Hi Adrienne. How sweet! It's great you have a pen pal and such a caring one at that! Yes, I hope all the blogging thingy is fixed soon. I'm going to miss chatting with some of our buddies.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  3. Oh, Adrienne, how sweet!! I just love the poem and it is now entered into my journal. I look forward to meeting you one day; but in the interim, I enjoy your letters sooooo much!! Love, Gwen


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