Friday, March 27, 2009

Finds On A Rainy Spring Day

Last Friday my dear little mother and I met my cousin, Mrs. C., and her husband, Mr. V., in a neighboring community. Our plan was to stop at an estate sale advertised in the paper, visit an antique and collectible shop we have wanted to check out and have lunch together. The estate sale was more than I had hoped for - the house and garage were filled with treasures and collections belonging to someone who must have gathered them over a lifetime. Her house was filled with beautiful things and it didn't take long to realize we would have more fun than imagined. She had things hung on walls throughout her home. China cabinets and display cases were filled with collections and gorgeous china and crystal and depression glass. It was almost too hard to comprehend. In the dining room was the table where I spent the most time. Time to decide what I would buy and what I would not buy. The long table was filled with cups and saucers that captured my heart. Any of them would have been a wonderful addition to my growing collection. But I had to focus and choose just one! That was my rule in the interest of frugality. Not a rule I wanted to make but one that seemed reasonable. Finally, after a long time I carefully chose the very first beautiful cup and saucer that took my eye. It's a bit different than anything I own.

I love the subtle design inside.On a table near the door I saw this turkey. I think he will display a harvest arrangement in the center of my table at Thanksgiving time.After lunch we said goodbye to Mr. V. and we girls headed to the Oregon City Antique Mall where we browsed and enjoyed spending time together. In one of the booths I found a real bargain. In a plastic bag that was stapled shut at the top and marked with black pen I was excited to find what was labeled 'lace pieces - three dollars'. I knew right away that there were more treasures inside than I wanted to leave behind. What a wonderful surprise when I got home and opened the bag. There was an old, crocheted top - most likely from a camisole.Look at this gorgeous crocheted butterfly - there is one on the front and another on the back!A crocheted collar was next. . .With another butterfly!Another crocheted collar and two tatted pieces were among the collection.And yards of crocheted lace - each one different than the other.Just before we left the antique mall I found this sweet, old handkerchief for five cents. I couldn't leave it there - I needed to add it to my other treasures. The treasures found on that rainy Spring day were special. But the real treasure was the wonderful time spent with those dear to my heart. They are the real treasure and our time together is more valuable than anything money can buy. Priceless, for sure.

I want to share the new blog of a dear friend of mine. She and I have quite a story to tell. How often does a deep friendship develop between you and the person who was your boss after you both leave the organization where you once worked? Not often. But that's how it began for us. We have dreamed dreams together, shed tears together, held each other's hands in the tough times and celebrated in the good times. I hope you will visit my dear friend, Betty, at her new blog - Sammy Girl. You won't be sorry.

Today my dear mother, Mrs. C., Mrs. B. (Sammy Girl) and I are driving a ways to a very big estate sale conducted by a friend of my mother. The lifetime belongings of both of her parents will be sold in a large pole barn and the home where they lived for many years. My dear mother has had a sneek peek and we know it will be worth the drive. We're excited! And you can be sure I'll show you what I find! No doubt about that.


  1. I am always amazed at the treasures you find! Enjoy your day hunting. :)

  2. Adrienne, the cup is beautiful! I love the crochet pieces. What a wonderful day for you!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hello, dear friend,
    What a wonderful day this must have been find all these sweet treasures and having the biggest treasure of all right along with you! You are so blessed to still have your little mom. I miss mine so much....

  4. I enjoyed seeing all the pretty things, Adrienne. This makes me think of my Mother too. She loved antiques.

  5. Some interesting finds Adrienne.
    Fun day. I'll pop over and visit your friend now.

  6. A-
    Had fun on our outing and will have to share pictures ... and a "chair story" from TODAY (Saturday). First I need to clean house for a niece and her fiance coming over for dinner. LOVE THE LACE >swoon< and, of course, the teacup.

    Hugs! B :)

    ps - thanks for the mention of the Sammy Girl blog!

  7. I liked it all but the turkey was my favorite. I love decorating for the fall so I guess that's why. And wasn't the crochet wonderful! blessings, marlene

  8. What wonderful finds! Can't wait to see what the next trip brings!

    I'm off to check out Sammy Girl now!


  9. What pretty things! I seriously have more fun at garage, tag and estate sales than I do at retail stores! Always a surprise and sometimes a great treasure you wouldn't find anywhere else:>)

  10. I really love all the crochet things you found! Especially the trim! Very pretty cup too. It's always so sad to me when I'm at an estate sale like that - all the lovely things someone cherished up for sale to strangers. Makes me not want to collect so much stuff!


  11. It sounds like you spend that rainy spring day in the perfect way, with people you cherish.
    I hear we're getting some sunshine this weekend and plan on soaking it up!


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