Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hide and Seek

Have you ever had something in your home that had to be there and you didn't like the way it looked but you couldn't make it go away? I think most of us deal with things like that and we live with it - until one day a brilliant idea 'pops' into our brain and we know exactly what to do to disguise or hide it! Well, I have had one of those 'things' for way too long. I've thought about it, experimented with some possibility and I finally found exactly what I wanted to make my not-so-pretty necessity look like it belongs in my living room. I've been looking at this sub-woofer speaker - part of the surround sound system - for w-a-y too long!A day or two ago I suddenly had a brilliant idea. I tried it and I love it! I knew I wanted to cover it up but I also didn't want to affect the sound it produces. It had to be something fairly thin and it had to be something that sound could travel through. If you recall my recent rummaging and thrifting finds you may recognize one of my pretties as the answer to the dilemma. The thin, rather tired linen piece with the gorgeous hand-crocheted lace was perfect for the speaker. It blends in with the color of the speaker and the color of our new entertainment center. White and antique white. The beauty of the old linen adds exactly the right touch to the sterile look of technology. Adding a basket of silk plants gave the look I wanted. Just right. Perfect! I love it!!When you come down the hall from the bedrooms you see this view now. It's just right. What a change.I'm always amazed how something so simple can make such a big difference. And how something found while rummaging and thrifting can bring such pleasure and make the whole room come to life. It took a while to find the solution to my problem. But it was worth waiting for! It was a game of Hide and Seek. No, it was really Seek (the solution) and Hide (the problem). An old game played in a new way!


  1. No one would know what is underneath. Love the cloth and flowers.

  2. I keep a plant on my speakers too. :) blessings, marlene

  3. I was just out visiting new blogs and found yours. Enjoyed my visit! I have our sub-wolfer in with the books on a book shelf. It is 'almost' invisible...and yes I agree - they are kind of ugly!

  4. Beautiful white lace and a perfect solution for the speakers. My sons have added a set of seven speakers to the family room --- all are black --- and two are proudly hung on the wall --- high near the ceiling. I do not think they are beautiful; the rest of the family does. I'm trying to determine how to hide them --- I wish they were white like yours! Still working on it. :)



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