Friday, March 13, 2009

Prayer For Safe Travel

I have a prayer request from my heart to yours today. Our son, Mr. J., boarded a plane headed for Amsterdam just over an hour ago. He and several other men are part of a district leadership team from the denomination in which he is ordained. They will arrive in Amsterdam after many hours of travel ready to meet with missionaries and Christian workers there to see what is happening in ministries in that part of Europe.
Some time during the next week they will travel to Brussels, Belgium where they will also spend time with missionaries in that area and be part of the ministries there. One purpose for this trip is to observe how God is using those ministries to reach the people of Europe with the love and grace of God. And they certainly will be an encouragement to those they visit.Before heading home in about a week they will spend time in Leiden, Netherlands with missionaries and ministries there and they will participate in some creative ways God is using His children in that part of our world.Their schedule is full but they hope there will be a bit of time to see some of the area where they travel. If not, they don't mind - they know they will be blessed by the beauty of the Kingdom of God on the other side of the world. I know they will return home with changed hearts. They will certainly have a new perspective on life and I know they will have an increased burden to pray for our brothers and sisters in other lands. And, perhaps, there will be new ways to assist the ministries so far from home.

We are thrilled and in awe that our son was chosen to be part of this team. The team is headed up by the District Superintendent and three other district leaders in Oregon. A number of other ministers make up the team that was chosen for this task. Would you pray with me for their safe travel and the mission they have undertaken? Even though we are not travelling with them we are still part of the team - and you can be, too. If we pray for them and the task before them we play an important role. They need us to hold them in our hearts and in our prayers as they go. And would you pray for the dear ones they leave at home? From my heart to yours - thank you. And may you be blessed as you pray for them and for the responsibility God has given them 'for such a time as this'.

Scripture quote from Esther 4:14
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  1. Thank you for your kind comment. After reading your post I forget how little I am, in the big scheme of life. There are such wonderful people such as your son and others, that are doing such great work around the world. I'm going delete that portion of my what if someone is bored, they will do like you said...they wont be reading it Thank you for putting things into perspective. My prayers are going out for all that will be on this trip!!! Laurie

  2. A prayer has been said Adrienne. I'm praying for hopes fulfilled. blessings, marlene

  3. I will certainly pray for Mr. J and his journey's success:>)

  4. Praying for traveling mercies and blessing on their ministry, Adrienne ~ and for the families left behind ~

  5. **they know they will be blessed by the beauty of the Kingdom of God on the other side of the world**

    Oh, how precious those words are. I long for heaven but know the Lord has reason to tarry a while longer. There are more people coming to Him. Every day in every corner of the world.

    I'm praying for your son and the men he's traveling with - may He be blessed and used by our Lord in profound ways. <><

  6. Wow!!, I stmbled on your website looking for words of encouragement for a friend that is traveling due to health God works in mysterious ways..I love your website, and wish you and yours the best...
    Deer Park, TX

  7. I believe in divine interventions and not coincidences.My best friend and her family are on an unplanned trip due to a death in the family.They are flying today 6/25/09@4:19pmCT, from St. Louis into Detroit and then to Amsterdam and on to Belgium.What a leap of faith, that I would stunble across this website as I was trying to find a good prayer for them.I love this site,and I will be praying for your son,and ask that you pray for the Vamdamme Family as well.God Bless and Thank You.!! Theresa,Wentzville, MO.

  8. I to stumled on this site looking for a good prayer for my 19 year old daughter who is traveling by car from frankenmuth, MI to San Diego California.



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