Thursday, July 23, 2009

Down By The Sea

Bright and early last Saturday morning we picked up my dear little mother and headed for the North Oregon Coast, over an hour from home. The day couldn’t have been better. Gorgeous weather was a gift for the day and temperatures cooler than what we left behind at home were a real treat!

We stopped along the way at the Downtown Farmers’ Market in Tillamook and at the Tillamook Cheese Factory before having lunch in the little coastal town of Garibaldi. Across the street from the restaurant we saw a big building with a sign that called us to check it out – Pirates Plunder Gallery and Antiques.


Just outside the door was the most inviting place to sit and rest for a bit or just enjoy the sunshine and the smiles of passersby. A resting place I couldn’t resist – in my favorite colors.


We found a few treasures inside. My sweetheart wasn’t sure why the pirates had plundered some of the things he saw! As we drove out of town I loved the view of this long pier and the little fish house at the end. And the bank of clouds beyond.


We continued on through little neighborhoods and communities as we enjoyed our perfect day – it was the get-away day we all needed. Along the way we came to the conference center where we've had our church Ladies’ Retreat for several years. We took a brief detour through the center to show my sweetheart and my dear mother this special place and then we stopped nearby to enjoy the beach and Twin Rocks.


A few miles down the road we came to Wheeler – one of our much anticipated, planned stops. My dear mother and I had such fun inside the antique mall while my sweetheart checked out the Wildlife Viewing Area just across the highway. We all have our priorities, you know!


I loved the window boxes filled with Nasturtiums.


We ‘shopped till we dropped’ and then continued on, driving north up the Oregon Coast. A few miles ahead we came to the most breathtaking viewpoint. I want to build a wonderful, big house right there!


It seemed we could see forever. You know -‘On a clear day you can see forever!’ The gorgeous Oregon Coast stretched out for miles and miles below us.


We drove through Cannon Beach and stopped to enjoy the view of Haystack Rock. In the distance we could see Tillamook Rock Lighthouse - a tiny, historic lighthouse. When our children were young we lived close by and there were many memories to share as we spent time here again. We wished we could stay a bit longer!


After stopping in nearby Seaside for a nice dinner together, we turned eastward and headed home. We have plans to return again one of these days. It will be nice – but this wonderful day we spent together down by the sea will always be a special memory.

By the sea, by the sea,

By the beautiful sea!

You and me, you and me,

Oh how happy we'll be!

Song: ‘On A Clear Day’

Words and music by

Song: ‘By The Sea’

From the musical ‘For Me and My Gal’

Written by Harold Atteridge and Harry Carroll


  1. Love the soon as I get this house listed and sold.......Ill be heading up that way too. So seeing these pics just keeps reminding me of my goal. To find a piece of land on the Oregon Coast with a sweet lil house for me and my guy.

  2. Everything looks so beautiful. I LOVE antique shopping. It's my favorite thing to do.

    Stop by and visit my new Blog if you get a chance!
    Have a great week,

  3. Oh my, those nasturtiums are just the cat's meow! Beautiful how they frame the window. :o)

    Such a lovely and well-deserved getaway, Adrienne. I'm thankful you enjoyed yourself.

    jAne at tickleberry farm

  4. wow, what a beautiful place...

  5. What beautiful pictures! I'm so glad you had this opportunity to get away and enjoy all the beauty.

    I hope things are going well. I'm still praying.


  6. Hi, A!
    Sounds like you had such a good time! That Wheeler Antique Mall has so many little nooks and crannies ... I am sure you discovered many, many treasures and found it hard to choose just the right ones to bring home. Thinking of you!
    Hugs --
    Betty :)
    ps -- when you have that big beach house can we come visit?

  7. Adrienne I love the sea and since I haven't gotten to go for a long while now I feasted on your photos. I could almost smell the ocean scent. blessings, marlene

  8. Do they still have the manniquin in a wheel barrow in Wheeler with the sign that says Wheeler Inn?

  9. So glad you got a sunny day! You're photo's are just gorgeous. You know, just a few minutes more north and I would have served you a nice peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner ~ LOL!

  10. What a glorious day! It has been way too long since my husband and I had an outing together.

  11. What a glorious day! It has been far too long since my husband and I enjoyed an outing together.

  12. Your pictures of the Oregon coast are so lovely! Looks like a wonderful get away!


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