Friday, July 17, 2009

The Rest Of The Story, Part 2

Recently I shared here a bit about my trip to California to spend time with my BFF from college days. I promised to show you more of what we did during those sweet days together. Time has flown by and today I want to tell you more.


Early Sunday evening we drove a short distance to Downtown Disney. I had never been there and it didn’t take long to capture my heart. The live music, the lights, the fantasy of it all and the energy of the people was more than I could have imagined.


Now this was hard - I wanted to do it all! But I kept focused and kept walking toward the shops. Shopping is always a good thing. Isn’t it? Along the way we met Pluto. . .


And Mickey and Minnie! I think they were out for an evening stroll.


When we saw this gorgeous gazebo on the grounds of the Disneyland Hotel we both wished we could have one just like it. Don’t you think it would be a good idea? Wouldn’t you like to have one, too?


As we walked toward DisneyTown we began to hear the most wonderful music. It touched my soul and made my feet want to dance. Once we entered the mall we saw the musicians and it wasn’t long before I bought a CD so I could bring their music home with me. Every time I play it I feel as if I’m taken back to the rapture of that time!


Nearby, the Rainforest Cafe begged us to go inside. The moment I stepped inside I couldn't believe my eyes! It is incredible. Just like walking into a jungle.


Huge trees fill the inside. And you never know who you will meet as you walk along. I wonder if this guy is friendly!


This cute this family seemed to have a lot of fun together!


And then we saw this big butterfly. As we watched, she captured our hearts. She gently closed her wings. . .


And then she slowly,


Ever so slowly, opened them again!


It wasn't long before we were in the land of Legos! A kid’s world – a place of play! As we wandered around and looked, we met this fellow. He was BIG!! His head was here. . .


And the rest of him was here!


Just around the corner I was intrigued with Mr. Giraffe. I have a story to share with you some other time about my fascination and love for giraffes. This one is definitely bigger-than-life - the biggest one I’ve ever met!


We walked through the mall - in and out of shops – and we were delighted to see some of our favorite characters. There’s Mickey and Minnie again. Back from their evening stroll.


And Goofy. Just hanging around being goofy!


The evening went by too fast. It wasn't long and we left the mall and strolled through the grounds of the Disneyland Hotel on our way to the car. The sun was going down and it seemed to make this fantasy world even more magical. Just across the street from the mall, this big wizard’s hat welcomed us at the entrance to the hotel.


Many years ago, when our now-grown children were young, we took them to Disneyland. I remember the fun and the joy and the enchantment of those days. And this time it happened all over again – once more I was charmed by the Wonderful World of Disney. And I didn’t want to leave - I wanted to stay. Stay forever - never to return to the real world. And I realized that - for a while on a summer evening – once again I had the heart of a child.

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you
If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do


  1. WoW!!!!How neat Adrienne!Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Adrienne! Oh, how nice to hear from you! I'm sure you had a wonderful time in California! What a great place! You've taken some great snaps. Those topiaries are adorable! We have a Rain Forest about three blocks from our house. It's and adorable place to go! Love all the movement and sounds. But we usually are sitting near by a table with a little one that is scared to death of the moving and yelling animals. So with the roar of the elephants and chipping of the apes, there's crying and screaming from the babies!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  3. It was fun seeing some of the differences in Disney Land and Disney World. Did you see my post on DW topiaries last month? I enjoyed them so!


  4. It looks like you had a really fun time!


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