Friday, July 3, 2009

The Rest Of The Story, Part 1

A few days ago I shared little bits of my trip to California and I gave you a sneak peek at some photos so you could see just a tiny part of the things I enjoyed while I was away. Now I want to share the rest of the story – a piece at a time because there’s too much to share all at once!

On Sunday morning my Best Friend Forever and her hubby took my sweetheart and I out to a wonderful breakfast at a favorite restaurant near their home. Shortly afterwards we took my sweetheart to the airport so he could fly home and return to work on Monday. A bit later my dear friend took me to the Alamitos Bay Marina, home to several yacht clubs, and with 1991 slips located throughout the Alamitos Bay area. It was an impressive sight to see – boats nearly everywhere we looked. I told her of my fascination with sailboats – and of my desire since childhood to have a sailboat of my own. It didn’t take long before I was enraptured by the sailing vessels that were out for the afternoon.


A lot of boats were out that day. Soon we were completely enthralled by the sight of boats of all kinds - big boats, little boats, sailboats, motor boats and jet skis.


Fancy boats. . .


Little boats. . .


And a man paddling along on a surf board.


Strolling along the sidewalk beside the channel, we could see many sailboats near the entrance into the marina.


As we watched they were all headed back into the channel. It seemed they were on their way home. A beautiful sight to see!


We watched. And they kept coming.


A few minutes later I stood inside a breezeway and where a quick look through a doorway reminded me of my longing for a sailboat. (Note to my sweetheart - if you are reading this: I don’t want the little one. I want the BIG one!)


It was an afternoon to remember. Together with my Best Friend Forever. In the sun - along the water - dreaming of sailboats and sailing away to places unknown. There is more to be shared at another time. Until then my sweetheart and I have gone away for another extended weekend at the lake we love on Mt. Hood. We are enjoying our trailer and our little boat - not the sailboat my heart longs for but the little boat my sweetheart enjoys for now.

If you are going away for this holiday weekend, be safe. If you are staying at home with family and friends, treasure every minute you have together!


  1. Oh goodness, what beautiful pictures and wonderful snippets of your time away from home. I love how you encourage us to appreciate and hold dear those we love. Thank you for those reminders. :o)

    I'm a lover of the water - but from the shore unless it involves swimming. I could almost smell the salt air just from looking at your pictures.

    jAne at

  2. I have always enjoyed being by the water on vacations and especially if there were beautiful boats to watch! I can't say that I would like to own one, but I love to watch them and maybe it would be fun to take a ride in one:>)

  3. Miss A -
    Thinking of you watching the sailboats makes me smile .... when you get back we need to go to BEACHES for lunch and watch the sailboats and have yummy food. Might even need a Camas shopping trip .... !!!
    Hugs to you!
    B :)

  4. What beautiful pictures...I enjoyed reading your post. This is my first visit here, but I plan to return. Thanks for sharing and have a great July blessed.

  5. Wow! Lots of boats! I chuckled about your wanting the big boat! And I laughed at the guy paddling on a surf board!


  6. These pictures are so beautiful, Adrienne. I agree with you, there is just something enthralling about those sails.

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