Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother’s Day Memories

Today I keep thinking about the wonderful Mother’s Day that we enjoyed at our home.  The day started out with breakfast prepared by my sweetheart.  Then we picked up my dear, little mother and travelled to a nearby community where we attended church with my cousin and her hubby, Mrs. C. and Mr. V.  After church we all came back to our home for dinner.  And, oh, what a dinner it was!  My sweetheart cooked a most delicious meal for the three of us girls.  We loved having a chance to sit in the living room and visit while the work was being done in the kitchen.  He set the table and when I peeked my head into the dining room I couldn’t keep from laughing.  I saw the craziest plastic 'glasses' at each of the girls' places at the table!
My sweetheart had planned it all – a beautiful table setting, complete with a bit of humor.  Ice water never tasted so good! It was served in these silly glasses that had crazy straws!  My dear, little mother had the one with peppermint stripes and a straw that wound around down inside and all around the outside of her glass.  It ended with a gentle curve toward her mouth.  Mrs. C. had the yellow glass with a straw that curled around to look like branches on a palm tree.  My glass was the tall one with wild turquoise and lime green stripes and a straw that had the funniest curls and bends and twists from the very bottom deep down inside all the way to the top.  When dinner was over my sweetheart told us that we could keep our glasses.  I’m not sure when my dear, little mother will drink from hers again but I sure had fun drinking juice from mine again today!

My sweetheart put the finishing touches on a colorful stir-fry dish. . .
MothersDay - DaveWhile Mr. V. sliced and plated the meat.
MothersDay - ValThe meal was absolutely over the top!  My sweetheart is a good cook and we knew he had something special planned.  We could smell it the moment we walked into the house after church.  We had slow-cooked London Broil, an assortment of stir-fried vegetables, make-your-own salads on a bed of mixed greens and hot rolls with butter.   Mr. V. provided the dessert.  He went way beyond the call of duty - his choice was a big hit!  Two family members can’t have sugar – he took that into account so he shopped at a sugar-free bakery near his home.  He brought the biggest cream puffs we had ever seen!  And they were sugar free!  He bought chocolate for the girls and peach for the guys.  We had a hard time deciding how to eat them.  Forks? Or, fingers?  When forks didn’t work, we decided the only way to eat them was with our fingers.  There was much laughter around the table, especially when we got a bit of the cream filling on our noses and chins.  You would have thought we were just kids again!
MothersDay - Cream Puffs
And would you believe – the best gift of all?  The men cleared the table and did the dishes!

Late that afternoon, as we hugged each other and said goodbye we all commented that it had been a good day.  We won’t forget this one.  Not ever.

My kids and grandkids weren’t able to be with us but I had sweet greetings from each of them.  My son came and took me to lunch on Friday and we spent some time together before he headed home.  I am blessed.  So blessed.  And one happy mother!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day, Adrienne. I'm happy for you. My son came by and took my husband and me to church, then out to dinner at a favorite restaurant. My other sons and their families called, sent beautiful cards and flowers. It was a special day. I felt so honored and loved.

  2. HI Adrienne! OH, what a special Mother's Day you had! How sweet of your hubby to treat you and your mom to such nice meals. The table is so nice and I love those cute colorful glasses! The meal sounds like it was awesome!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. That husband of yours is just a jewel. You two are truly blessed. I'm glad you had a great day.

  4. How sweet of the menfolk to take care of all of you! The whimsical drinking glasses are a great touch too! Glad you had a special and memorable day.

  5. What sweeties to make your day so special:>) True love if ever I saw it.

  6. Sounds like you had just the perfect day! Those cream puffs were sugar free? They sure do look good!


  7. looks like the very best of Mother's Days. I love the special touches on the table! Super thoughtful.

    Any cream puffs left? I need to make up some!



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