Monday, May 16, 2011

Sneak Peek

Do you have visions and dreams of things you hope to find someday?  Things you hope to find to make the room you 'see' in your mind?  I love the way those hopes and dreams can come together when you least expect it.  In the most unlikely place!

While browsing through a favorite vintage shop last week I found an office chair I knew would be just right for my office at home.  The shop had been rearranged and when I stepped into one of the rooms with a decor that isn't my favorite, I was certain there wouldn't be anything there for me.  I almost didn't go into the room!  But there sat THE chair!  It was love at first sight!  It felt good when I sat in it and in spite of a few squeaks and squawks and groans when I moved around in it, I knew my sweetheart had to check out.  He's the expert when it comes to greasing and oiling things and I knew he would know exactly what to do.  And it was important for him to feel comfortable in the chair, too.  He stopped by the shop later and checked it out and it wasn't long before he arrived home with my 'new' chair. I'm just giving you a sneak peek for now.
I haven't decided exactly how I'm going to fancy it up yet.  There will be a cushion, for sure, and maybe a coat or two of paint.  It's perfect with the desk in our office.  The desk was my father's desk in his church study through the years he served as pastor in several churches.  I have plans to repaint it and I think I will paint the chair to match.  I love the look of this Pottery Barn desk and chair. 
I have planned to paint my father's desk white for a long time.  I have collected several inspiration photos over the past few months. 

Now that I have the chair I think it's time to move this project closer to the top of my list.
And when I saw Stacey's desk and chair at Red Door Home there was no doubt in my mind that this was exactly what I need to do! If you've never visited her blog, you really must stop by and get acquainted.  You won't be sorry!
Don't you think my new chair is just the pièce de résistance?  I can't wait to start the renovation of my office room.  This chair may be just the motivation I need to move it forward soon.


  1. From what I can see the chair looks wonderful! Have fun painting....I never can do that, I like the woods....but I know it will be beautiful when done!

  2. Love your chair! I do think it would look pretty painted.

  3. This looks like a beautiful chair; I love the wicker is going to be just wonderful when you are done.

  4. Love the chair, Adrienne. I like the white desk and chair pictures very much. It will look great! I love that when we are looking for something and we find it, we just know that's the thing for us! Enjoy your chair and office with the new look.

  5. What a perfect find to complete your inspiration. I can't wait to see the results.

    Thank you so much for your kind comment on the loss of our little Baggins recently, Adrienne. It is appreciated more than you could know.

    I'm enjoying catching up on my favorite blogs. Hugs to you and little Joey.

  6. I'm a chair freak. Love all the different shapes and styles, and when I can get a cute one for cheap? It's mine! Looking forward to seeing this one all done up new:>)

  7. I LOVE it! Yes, yes, get that painting project toward the top of your list, particularly since you have the BEST time of year to get it done (not too hot, not too cold).

  8. Adrienne, I love it!! I love chairs like this...I also love white furniture!! You will thoroughly enjoy your "new" office when it is finished. I knew that when I found my chair cushion/pillow in Ladybugs (me smiling) it was meant for me!! You might want to check out for the "look" in cushion/pillow you are going for. I can't wait to see it finished...enjoy the process-to me that's the best part! Have a wonderful day! Lynn

  9. oooh nice chair indeed, ad. :o)
    it'll look so pretty painted white,
    in front of your painted white desk.
    going to enjoy seeing that when
    it's done. :o)

  10. Hi Adrienne, I love your chair, and desk too. And I think they will be LOVELY painted in white. Painted furniture is my favorite, although lots of people think it's a sin to paint wood! And isn't it great that you have your father's desk!

  11. What a lovely find. Enjoy fixing and using. Can't wait to see the final results.


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