Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Surprise Visit

Our doorbell rang late last night. When my sweetheart opened the door - to our surprise - there stood Mr. J., our son, Mrs. K., our daughter-in-law and the boys, Mr. R. and Mr. G. They live in a city about 40 minutes south of our home and had attended a wedding in our town. (Mrs. K. said when they turned off the freeway to drive toward our town the boys got excited and thought they were going to Grandma's house!) After the wedding they decided to drive by and see if we were at home and still awake. We were delighted to get lots of hugs and have a wonderful visit together.

While we chatted and talked Mr. J. spied my camera nearby. He decided to see the pictures I had taken. Mr. R. and Mr. G. wanted to see them too. One thing led to another and soon the boys wanted to take some pictures. Here's the result:


Mr. J. (Daddy)

Mrs. K. (Mommy)
(Special effects)

Mrs. K. again

(Can you see where our soon-to-be grandson is growing?)

Mr. G.

Super Mr. G.!

Three Silly Boys

(Mr. J. took this one of himself and the boys!)

Bein' Silly Again!

You may notice that there are no pictures of me. There were but they have "disappeared" from my camera! I took editorial privileges to decide the best use of the space here and on the memory card in my camera. The pictures of me were most unflattering and you would have only seen the side of my head and a picture of my knees. Anyway - please enjoy some of the minutes we shared with our surpise visitors last night.

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  1. What a fun surprise! And I sure understand why those pics discappeared from your camera. Hmmm. Same thing happens here.


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