Friday, October 5, 2007

Along A Country Road

Every Tuesday I drive to a town a few miles south of my home to share Scripture and Song with the folks at a care center there. I can take different routes - the freeway, the old highway and a few different country roads - but my favorite is a country road that is beautiful no matter the time of year. I often wish I had my camera along and the time to stop and savor the beauty I see. Last week I decided to return home at a slower pace so I could stop, enjoy and capture some of the sights with my camera. Our area of the Willamette Valley has rich, fertile soil that produces thousands of acres of vineyards, fields full of produce, sod for residential lawns, gorgeous flowers of every variety and all kinds of trees. Scattered all through the countryside you will find tree farms - trees for Christmas and ornamental trees for the landscape. Over the past few weeks I have watched with wonder as the trees began to display the drama of fall in preparation for the winter to come. At first the changes were subtle and then the momentum changed and now your eyes can feast on a riot of color everywhere you look. Along the way you will see autumn greetings at a farmhouse gate . . .

Pinks . . .

Yellows . . .

Greens and reds . . .

Paintbox colors . . .

Rows and rows of red . . .

And a jolly ol' pumpkin.

The leaves fall, the wind blows, and the farm country slowly changes from the summer cottons into its winter wools. - Henry Beston


  1. Gorgeous Autumn photos. I just found your blog. I will be back ;-)

  2. Beautiful! Our state is so magnificent. Fall is my all time favorite. Thanks for sharing your drive.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your fall pictures are absolutely gorgeous! You do such a wonderful job. I've been wanting to meander out and find some pretty fall colors to take pics of - maybe today is the day!

    I love that you took time to go the pretty, back-country way. I think we all need to do that a little more often because life will pass us by if we don't.

  4. beautiful beautiful beautiful ! ! !

  5. Gorgeous fall colors. It's just starting to turn here in the midwest.


  6. Adrienne,
    Your fall pictures are just beautiful...
    I would like to say that having worked in nursing homes for 26 years... I want to commend you for going every Tuesday to give of your time to the little people who live in Nursing Homes and Assisted Livings... it means so very much to them... and believe me when I tell you that they look forward to the days when you come to spend time with them!!!
    You are much more of a blessing to people than you would ever realize

  7. Sigh. I love this time of year! I find it so tranquil. Thanks for sharing photos from "your neck of the woods!"


  8. I love your Fall pics.. I love to see the color changes.. Here in Hawaii it is beautiful, yet I miss seeing the 4 seasons change when I was stationed in the states.
    Thanks for sharing..Aloha Lorie

  9. So pretty! I love that forst picture of an Autumn display in the big metal container.


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