Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Look What Happened. . .

when I wasn't looking! When I left the house yesterday morning my big tree near the front door had most of it's leaves - hanging on the branches, right where they belonged. After being away most of the day I arrived home to find that someone had stripped many of the beautifully painted leaves from my tree and they had carefully laid them all over the ground and the sidewalk below! Now who would do that when I wasn't looking?


  1. That was know, that seem little gremlin comes and shakes my trees, too! Don't you wish we could hold onto the Autumn colors for just a bit longer.....sigh

  2. LOL... Isn't it amazing how fast it can happen? Southern California doesn't experience much of the of the painted leaves. However, we do have one tree that resembles a maple tree (and I always forget what it really is-- I keep thinking Japanese elm...). My folks have one and now, there are several in my new neighborhood. Well, the one's across the street show vibrant autumnal colors and mine is still 90% green. Perhaps I will come home and find a miraculous conversion!

    Out of curiosity, is the name Williamette named after early explorers? It sounds very colonial.

    Have a grand and glorious day!

  3. KJ, the name Willamette is of Indian origin, though there is no definitive source. The name is thought to mean long and beautiful river or rain waters along the river. The street I live on ends about two miles from my house at the Willamette River.

  4. Your tree is beautiful--what gorgeous color!!

  5. Lovely color in your photos. Unfortunately, we haven't seen the color yet here in southern Ontario. I doubt if we will this year. Most leaves are still green and the ones that have turned are yellow. No splashes of color this year.

    Have a great day.


  6. I think it was probably the same person who put the rain at the front of your house and the sun and rainbow in the back of your house. What da ya think? It's nice to know WE are not in control of the world and HE is!!



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