Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Award-Winning Friends

The best thing about joining the blog world is the new friends I have made. I know I will probably never meet most of these special people here on earth but the relationships are still very dear to my heart. Some of us 'talk' and get better acquainted via email. I have met a few blog friends who live near me. That has been such a pleasure. It made my day.

Blog friends often honor each other with awards that are special. And they introduce the blog world to their online friends and share what they mean to them. A couple of days ago I was privileged to receive this award from Liz at Kentucky Bound. It means a lot to me. Stop by her blog and see what she has to share. I'm sure you will be glad you did. I am supposed to pass this award along. I am busily getting ready for an out-of-town trip early tomorrow morning. I will share it with a few friends when I return and get a chance to send it their way.Today I arrived home from my morning care center ministries to find a package beside my door.It was from Liz. She emailed a few days ago to tell me it was coming. She and her family will be moving to Kentucky soon. In the process of sorting and packing she found a real treasure, thought of me and sent it to me. I could hardly wait to open it. Once the box was open I was enchanted with the contents. Wrapped so special. Just for me. And a gift for my dear little mother, too! A closer look at the paper she chose and I knew I was in for a real treat! Tissue paper in blue and white. With teacups and teapots and name of wonderful teas. Oh so pretty!When I opened the large package I was overwhelmed. It almost took my breath away! All I could say was 'Oh - oh- oh - oh'!An exquisite piece of yellow Fenton glass. Liz knows that I love yellow and that I collect yellow depression glass, old yellow pottery and all sorts of wonderful yellow things. The picture doesn't show the very pale, soft yellow well. This is unlike anything I have. A real treasure. So special. The details are fantastic.

I could hardly wait to deliver the other package to mother this evening. She has not been feeling well over the past several days and I knew this would be a good pick-me-up. I cooked dinner for her and my sweetheart at her house tonight. When I arrived with groceries in hand she was surprised to see a gift for her from one of my blog friends. Liz recently saw pictures of my dear mother's blue and white laundry room on my blog. Her thoughtful gift looks so sweet in there. (Because she's not feeling well my dear mother didn't want her picture taken.) Isn't this a sweet little gift? It looks so cute with the other treasures in the laundry room.Thank you, Liz, more than words can say. From the depths of my heart to yours. You have become a special friend. Whenever I look at my new yellow treasure - or at the precious little gift you gave my mother - I will think of you. We hope to meet sometime in the future. In her corner of the world or mine. If not, we are planning to sit by the banks of the river in Heaven and have a long - very long - chat. We hope you will join us, too.


  1. Congratulations on your award and your lovely gifts! I pray that your mother will feel better soon.

  2. Thoughtful friends are just the best! Have a safe trip! :)


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