Thursday, June 12, 2008


I need help with something that is puzzling me. I haven't been able to figure it out on my own. I need someone to help me!! Where can I go to ask someone to share their expertise and thoughts? Right here. Here where my dear friends have been so kind and helpful in the past.

When I started my blog I noticed that some blogs have music playing in the background. I did some research and soon discovered and immediately added it to my blog. I changed the music from time-to-time and loved checking in to read comments that you leave for me. During that time the music would play and I enjoyed every minute of it. Then Sonific had to go offline in order to avoid some type of litigation. Suddenly, the music died! I was perplexed and when I learned the reason I decided to join Playlist, as some of you have done. When I read your blogs you have such wonderful music and there are a lot of choices. I have tried and tried to sign up for Playlist. With no success. I registered and was promised an email with my password so I could participate. No email arrived. I checked my spam and quarantine site. Nothing from Playlist. I tried again and received the message that I was registered and only needed to enter my password to use their service. Nothing worked. I followed that with an email for help. They responsed that a password had been sent to me. They offered no help. I was told to check my spam service. I responded and told them I had already done that, to which they replied that my computer must be blocking them for some reason. Now I ask you - what to I do to figure this out and get music on my blog once again? Do you know?

I'm a musician. Music is my life. I was born singing! Well, not really, but I started singing very young. I play the piano and keyboard. I'm involved in music in my church and community. This is just not right. I need to have music playing. I can't stand the silence. Can you help me figure it out? I'll be forever grateful if you can tell me what to do to get the music started again. Help me bring the music back to life. Please!

Edited to add: I have tried setting up an account on Playlist with a different user name and password of my choosing. Now it tells me that my email address is already 'taken' so I can't set up an account. I think I'm going to have to give up and you may have to do what Lady Jane suggested - hum while reading my blog!


  1. Wish I knew how to help!
    Hope someone who understands this stuff will stop in with an answer for you....
    Can't wait to hear your song choices!

  2. Hi, Adrienne, thanks for stopping by my garden party. Wish I could invite all of you over to sit with me too!

    Loved your mom's garden pics, those are just gorgeous.

    I have no idea why you aren't getting Playlist to work for you. I signed up for that one too, but decided not to put music on my blog all the time. I can't believe they won't help you anymore than that. Very strange! Hope you get it figured out. Makes no sense if they really sent you an email


  3. Check this site:

    They have cool music--everything you want and whenever you want--FREE!

    pd: It’s party time! Come to The House in the Roses and see! Hope you can participate.



  4. Me too, Adrienne. I can't get playlist to work and sorely miss the other site (it was simple for me to work with).

    If you figure it out could you please let me know? Thanks. Until then, the tunes are in my head.

  5. Hi,friend...I am on Playlist and when I first started, I had the same problem. They kept sending me the strangest Passwords and I would use them and FINALLY got thru one day. I changed my password to one I could remember and have not had trouble since.
    Just click on MY playlist, go to their site from there and see if it makes any difference....
    Good luck, sweet friend,

  6. Try clicking on the "playlist" bar at the bottom of my song list. That may help you get started. I clicked on someone elses when i signed up for mine and didn't have a bit of trouble.

    Thank you for the walk through your mama's garden. I love all of her little treasures almost more than the flowers!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Blessings and hugs!

  7. I clicked on someone else that had a playlist on their blog. It went right to where to sign up. If one username or password does not work then keep trying different ones, making sure you write the one down that you are trying so that you will know it when you get through. They never had to send me a password, I just followed what it told me to do, playing very close attention. If you have used one before and they want let you use that again. I hope you can do it. I am like you, I would hate to not have music. You can go to my blog if you like and click on it there. I am

    This is my first visit to your blog. I enjoyed my visit. Thank you so much. connie from Texas

  8. Hi Adrienne,

    Perhaps you can set up a yahoo or gmail e-mail account (or any other free e-mail accunt) and re-register using that e-mail address. Maybe the password will have better luck getting through to one of those accounts. Good luck!

  9. Your solution but a SMILE on my face!!!! Thank you for the first smile of the day:D


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