Monday, July 21, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now

Last week was the week to renew my driver's license again. It seems like only yesterday that I went through the process last time. Not long ago at all. As I approached renewal this time I was aware that there may be some changes. Big changes ahead for me. My state requires anyone getting or renewing a driver's license at the age of fifty or older to pass a vision screening test. Last time I just barely passed it without glasses. The result? My driver's license did not indicate that I was required to wear glasses when I drove. A sign of youth. Eternal youth. However, this time, I had to face the fact that my eyes have changed and that at my recent eye exam the eye doctor recommended that I start wearing my glasses all the time now. I don't like wearing my glasses! At times I get dizzy and a bit nauseated when I wear them. Because I don't wear them all the time!

I approached the Department of Motor Vehicles building with a bit of apprehension. I took a number and immediately was called to the desk where a very nice young lady assisted me. She checked my documentation - a process with many new requirements in my state - and then proceeded to tell me about the vision test. I mentioned that I was pretty sure that I would need to wear my glasses to drive this time. She suggested that I test first without my glasses and see how I would do. Great idea! Maybe - just maybe - I could get by a bit longer without the dreaded 'Glasses required for driving' designation on my new license.

I stepped up to the little machine, put my forehead against top and began the test. She turned on the light inside the machine. In front of me were several rows of letters, similar to the test at the eye doctor's office. 'Please read the third row down. All the letters from the far left to the far right.' OK. I can do that. No problem. They are big and easy to read. The letters were inside three rectangular boxes across the line. A blank box was at the far right. Strange but there was nothing in it! First box: O Z N V. Second box: P B C M. Third box: H L T G. Done. I did it. Now what? 'Do you see any letters in the fourth box?' 'No. It's empty. Are there supposed to be letters in that box?' 'Let's have you put on your glasses and read that line again.' (Glasses put on.) 'Wow! What do you know! That box is FULL of letters, too.' I knew what that meant. So I read all of the letters in all four boxes. Left to right. A smile on her face as I moved away from the vision test machine told me what I already knew. I HAVE to wear glasses at all times while driving now. Yep, you guessed it. I walked out of there with a new driver's license. But this time it was different than the licenses I've had through the past forty-something years since my first license. I don't know how this happened! It was just yesterday that I took my first driving test, wasn't it? Really? It's been how long? As I drove home I calculated how long before I have to go back for another renewal. I'll be HOW OLD? Seventy. 7 - 0! Like my grandma was not long ago. No, wait! If she were still alive she would be 106. Where did all that time go?

So as I sit here trying to read this screen through these new glasses - I've begun to adjust to the changes that come through the years. Changes from lessons learned. Things like a bit more wisdom. A more comfortable sense of who I am and where I am in life. Now-grown kids who bring such joy to my life. The greatest grandkids a girl could hope for. A sweetheart who has loved me through the decades. And who still loves me just as I am. Glasses and all!

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  1. You'll be beautiful even with glasses. I've just recently gone to the eye doctor and have to have my contacts changed - I'm getting blinder.
    Shelia :)

  2. I feel for you, Adrienne! My dear husband asked me to make him an eye appointment the other day, (he who has never had any eye problems), and when I mentioned something a few hours later about his eye problem, he adamantly replied that he DID NOT have any eye problems. Denial, my dear!

    I do have to admit, that at my last driving test, I passed the eye exam by closing one eye. Probably not so good, huh?!

  3. Glasses and all.....hmmmmmm..your life has been richly blessed and I thank you that you continue to bless ours through the sharing of your heart-felt blog.

  4. Thanks for your very sweet words on my blog. They really mean alot.

  5. Oh, what a fun story this was, Adrienne! I can't get over that there are *friendly* employees at your DMV. Unheard of in my parts of the swamp! So glad though. There's hope.

    I'm blind as a bat and it'd be a real hoot to attempt an eye chart w/o my coke-bottle lenses. Since I'm vain they allowed me to opt out of wearing glasses while driving. Instead, I use brail.

    Oh. That second paragraph? That's a joke. ;o)

  6. Dont feel badly I need to go for glasses soon , should of went already ok but I know what the outcome will be....sigh..... I just hope I dont have to wear them all the time.Oh well.......
    Take care,

  7. Hi Adrienne.... isn't wonderful to be able to see.... I just got my first "prescribed" reading glasses the other day... and I can see! I can see! :)



  8. How often do you have to have your licensed renewed? We have to every four years.

    I have to wear my glasses all the time, too. I never wore glasses at all until I reached those magic forties.

    I have to take them off when I am going down stairs.

  9. I feel your pain. I have a feeling that when I go to have my license switched from FL to KY I'll have to break down and wear the glasses too. Oh well, glasses and silver highlites in my hair . . .

    Blessings and hugs!

  10. I can empathize with you, I hate wearing glasses too! I only wear them for reading and closeup work, computer, etc. I can't wear them to drive. My distance vision is getting worse though, and I have cataracts that will have to be removed soon!

    Cute story!


  11. I recently went to the DMV and the lady taking pictures took mine 5 times until she was satisfied with the way it looked :)

  12. I laughed when I read this post especially when you said the box was full of letters. I have had to wear glasses all the time for a few years now. I realy dislike wearing them, but I need to see, so I wear them. It's not fun getting older is it?
    Hugs, Rhondi


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