Monday, August 4, 2008

Gifts From The Heart

Thank you for the birthday wishes as I celebrated my special day yesterday. Your greetings touched my heart. To think that a bit over a year ago I didn't even know who you were and now I have such a wonderful group of friends. Friends near and far.

My birthday was a gentle, quiet day by choice. Because of my dear mother's poor health I chose to stay close to home so my celebration could include her. My sweetheart cooked a wonderful breakfast for me and we enjoyed the time together before the day began to move a bit faster. Shortly after noon we drove a few blocks to my dear mother's home. The home of my youth. A perfect place to have a birthday celebration. Soon after we arrived at her home my sweetheart went to a favorite Chinese restaurant in our town for take-out lunch. He chose carefully and thoughtfully. The menu was perfect. The food was delicious. Then it was time for me to open the wonderful gifts my dear mother and my sweetheart had given me. We had such a sweet time together as my dear mother reminisced about the day I was born, nearly a month early. And she brought tears to my eyes when she recalled how much my life has meant to her and my father. I have been very blessed!

I couldn't wait to share the sweet gifts my family gave me. My sweetheart surprised me with my favorite perfume. It is one of just a few that I can wear. It's gentle floral fragrance always brings comments. Included in the special card he gave me were two tickets for the Gaither Praise Gathering concert that will be in the Seattle area later this month. The concert and a weekend away were the part of my gift from him that I knew about. The perfume was a surprise. Well, not totally. He loves to buy it for me. Keeps me smelling good!My dear mother always seems to be prepared for birthdays and holidays far in advance of the date. She loves to gather and give things that will be treasured by the recipient. And she's right on every time with me. Recently she and I were together when I saw something I absolutely loved. She wanted to get it for my birthday but it was too big to hide. No way to sneek it to my car. She knew she wouldn't be back there again so I got it early. I've had a couple of weeks to enjoy looking at it in my home but I've waited to share it with you until my birthday. So it would be official!
This darling little yellow table hasn't found its permanent place in my home. I keep moving it around until I find just the right place. In the meantime I love trying it in different settings. I love the detail.In a darling little gift bag she gave me some smaller things she had been saving for me. She wanted to add more but her health situation has prevented her from shopping. I was delighted with everything she gave me. She knows how much I love vintage linens. I was thrilled when I unwrapped these sweet embroidered towels.Little boxes always intrigue me! When they are from my dear mother I know a special treasure waits inside. I love vintage jewelry and she seems to find such beautiful pieces for me. I think I gasped when I opened this one!A sweet little bird was in my gift bag, too. She brings a smile to my face. And she is right at home with my other birds that decorate my home during the spring and summer months. When I saw her I knew exactly where she belonged.There was one more thing in my gift bag but I chose not to take a picture of it. A cute little butter spreader - silver - needs a bit of polishing before it makes its debut! My dear mother was not strong enough to polish it up for me so I'll do that and share it soon.

My out-of-state family gave me birthday gifts before they had to leave last week. I opened them while they were here. My aunt gave me these white pieces that go with my white dishes. The sugar bowl is an extra so I plan to use it for jams and jellies or whatever my heart desires.While my out-of-state family and I were shopping in a nearby antiques and collectibles shop I helped my dear aunt choose some salt and pepper shakers for another dear aunt's collection. I thought I had helped her chose a cute little kitty set that would grace the shelves of my other dear aunt's collection. Was I ever surprised when I opened my gift to find that my sweet aunt had intended it for me all along. Because she knows how much I like kitties. And she knew I thought it was so cute! The darling little kitty is the salt shaker. The cushion holds the pepper. My cousin bought me a special cup for my tea. I love everything about it. The cup. . .The in-cup infuser. . . And the lid.Add to these wonderful gifts all the emails, cards and phone calls I received and you understand why it was a special birthday. Each year it seems my birthday means more to me than before. I appreciate the family and the friends God has given me. So, this year - as always - I am blessed. Blessed by God's grace and His love. And by each of you, my friends. I've already started on another year of blessings. Can't wait to see what He has in store for this one!


  1. Well Happy Belated Birthday Adrienne!! What a spoiled lady you are, huh? All those beautiful gifts. . . you must be dearly loved. Lovely day and how special to be able to spend it with two special people, hubby and dear mother.



  2. You know, I read your previous post and somehow just missed that it was your birthday, Happy Birthday my sweet friend! Your gifts are so beautiful, I love the table your mother got you! It sounds like you had a wonderful day:>)

  3. Adrienne, you did have a wonderful birthday. I'm so happy for you.

    I love celebrating birthdays.

  4. So many pretties to show how much you are loved--what a blessing!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to you, Adrienne! Sounds like you had a lovely day. Love the yellow's darling!

  6. A Happy Belated Birthday! Adrienne!
    What thoughtful and beautiful gifts! I so enjoyed hearing about your special day!
    May our Lord draw you even closer to Himself in this coming year!
    Blessing to you!
    Claudia O.

  7. I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday with all those lovely gifts.

  8. Adrienne, Happy Birthday dear! Oh your gifts are beautiful and so special. Your hubby is such a sweetie, and your mom is too. Wish you many more special moments.
    LOVE THE little yellow table!

  9. Adrienne you have some wonderful birthday presents and some really special memories of the day. I'm so very concerned about your mother - I hope she is better soon and regains some strength. I know that her illness is a burden on your heart. Blessings, marlene

  10. Well, look at you, Missy! Happy Birthday! and what a load of presents you've recieved. What a sweet Mommy, she sounds like mine. I love that little yellow table. Can't wait to see where you put it and how you decorate it!
    thanks for popping in to see me and yes, we're very thankful to God He spared us!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  11. Hi Adrienne
    I am sending belated birthday wishes! It sounds like you had a wonderful day and oh such lovely presents you got.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  12. I am sorry I am wishing you belated Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had my idea of a perfect day. I can tell you mom chooses her presents with care--a show of love. I need to remember that sneaky trick of your aunt ;-) Very clever!



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