Monday, August 25, 2008

Home From The North Country

We are home from the north country! Our weekend away was wonderful - just what we needed! Friday afternoon we headed toward the Seattle area.Our first destination was Tacoma. The Tacoma Dome, to be exact. We had tickets for the Gaither Praise Gathering Friday evening. The traffic was heavy most of the way but our anticipation kept us moving along.After a brief dinner stop at the south end of Tacoma we found our way to the Tacoma Dome. We were early. Very early. The weather was perfect. The view from the parking lot was wonderful. My sweetheart suggested that I take some pictures of what had captured my eye. No need to hurry inside.From our place in the parking lot there was much to see. I'm sure people arriving from nearby thought the lady from the car with Oregon license plates must have lost her perspective. We were there for a concert. Not for a photo shoot!A few minutes later we walked toward the entrance of the Tacoma Dome. Can you see how it got its name?The flag display nearby made me proud to be here. A special evening. In my homeland. With freedom to travel and worship as I choose.I didn't take my camera inside the Dome. Cameras are not allowed at events in the new Portland arena so mine stayed in the car. Once inside I wished - oh, how I wished - for my camera. Cameras were not on the list of items not allowed inside. The Dome has a 'No Re-entry' policy so it wasn't possible to go back to the car to get a camera. Cameras were evident throughout the evening. My new telephoto lens would have gotten us very close to the stage! And made for some great pictures of our evening. Our seats were in a good place and we quickly settled in and enjoyed the music and talk. A number of Gospel artists shared through the evening that was sprinkled throughout with good, clean humor. And music. Oh, what music! The concert went very long and was worth the trip. Late in the night we arrived at the home of our friends and tiptoed in to get some sleep before our adventures continued on Saturday.

Later today I will post again. The treasure that only 'peeked' at you on Friday will be back. I'll share all of it - and others - that have something in common with my recent trip to the dentist! More about our weekend will come in the next few days. Until then I'm catching up with you, dear friends. I'll be back soon.


  1. So, so glad you had a relaxed and wonderful weekend...and glad you had a safe trip.
    love, bj

  2. I am glad you had a good weekend and enjoyed it so much.

  3. So glad you are home and that you had a good time. The Gaithers ar my mothers favorites, she grew up with Gloria Gaither in our little church in Burlington, Michigan!

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed the trip and concert. I'm sure it was wonderful, and you had good weather to boot.

  5. Adrienne,
    I'm so glad that you enjoyed your trip!

    Thank you for visiting me and commenting on my spice cupboard!

    How is your dear mom doing?

    Love, Kim

  6. I'm glad you had a great time.... never been to Seattle; I hear is a nice place to visit, but I dought is better than Portland :)



  7. Sounds like such a wonderful time! Too bad about the camera :-(

    We have a Christian TV station (in Orlando) that has the Gaither Homecoming videos once or twice a day! I just love to listen to them!



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